Old But Good News – and a bit of old but bad…

You will have noticed that I’ve spent a lot of time in the past four months not posting – sorry about that. Truth is I’ve been totally out of the loop full stop – unusual for me, but hey, sometimes stuff happens.

So I failed to notice – and certainly failed to tell you – a small piece of good news. You may already know it, but I didn’t. Richard from the Greenwich Society tells me:

Remember the furore over the garish signs at the Pier building?

Phantom followers and Greenwich Society members objected when the operators put in planning applications, although only after they had installed lots of stuff without permission. Inexplicably planning officers recommended approval but after a pretty heated Planning Committee meeting, with a notably fiery contribution from Cllr Maureen O’Mara, the applications were turned down.

Zizzi and Byron appealed and now the Planning Inspector has dismissed those appeals making it very clear she thinks the signs are completely out of place in such an important setting, exactly what we said and what the councillors said.

Hopefully this will stiffen the resolve of the Council to wield some more muscle over the rest of the pending applications for signs, parasols and space heaters.

Indeed. We can’t do much about the unsuitable building design of the pier buildings – just because they’re by a famous architecture agency doesn’t make them work in the place they’re in – but there’s no reason whatsoever for those godawful signs.

Less welcome news is the sheer number of small shops that are biting the dust. Hide All and Compendia the latest victims I know of (though Mark tells me Compendia will return as a market stall), but I hardly dare visit the town in case there are more. ¬†And the Morden Arms is now to be flats. I didn’t much like it as a pub, but with better (i.e. more friendly – it’s the only place where I’ve ever been told to go away as they didn’t feel like serving anyone) management it could have been a decent place. Now it won’t have the chance. Sigh.

6 Comments to “Old But Good News – and a bit of old but bad…”

  1. Mr Dinsdale says:

    We recently received news that the Frankie & Bennie’s application is going to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. Lots of twaddle about how their sign will be in keeping with a World Heritage site and sympathetic to the area. Lets hope it gets kicked out too.

  2. Fatty Fatty BumBum says:

    Poor Nelson Road looks like a ghost town at present with all the boarded up and empty units. Roll on Jamies Italian to lift that parade. Hopefully other units let soon too, like Solenti, Beachcomber etc…

    Its an unpopular thing to say, but I think the markets success in non-tourist periods will depend on the town centre generally becoming more of a destination to Londoners. Regular and steady footfall to some decent shops would have a knock on benefit for the market. At present Lewisham and Blackheath offer more of a high-street experience than Greenwich, where you cant even buy a pair of jeans. A few of the quirkier and higher quality chains would create a destination for Londoners which would benefit everyone – a bit like Richmond or Marylebone or Lordship lane…. the Waitrose development may help boost foot flow, lets hope so.

  3. Jules says:

    I objected to both, not on the blatant lack of taste but on the fact that they’re a hazard to navigation. There’s also a failing on L.B. Greenwich’s part in that they failed to notify or consult with the navigation authority the P.L.A.

  4. David Carson says:

    Sad to here about the Mordern Arms; poor place in a wonderful building. It’s going to go the same as many others then; last Sunday, I took a bike ride to visit all the other former pubs in Greenwich. And there are very many :-(

  5. mark says:

    Are you sure about the Mordern? I spoke to a couple of people who drink there yesterday and they denied it. Hmm

  6. I’d love to be wrong, Mark, and I could be. I just heard that it was closing for flats. Fingers crossed I’ve got the wrong end of the stick.