Mind the Memory Gap

Ray’s been losing sleep for the past 20 years over one of those irritating, pointless mind-worms that work their way into your subconscious entirely oblivious that they are not worth the effort of being solved, but hey – who can tell how the human mind works?

He’s been bothered by a TV drama from the early 90s which he is almost certain featured No.1 Ballast Quay, “all done up and looking like your average Yuppie’s ’30 something’ house” and he’s been trying to work out what the hell it was – and whether or not it actually was in Greenwich.

Unfortunately he remembers very little about it and his ‘quick synopsis’ seems to be a – well, a quick synopsis of every TV drama in the early 90s:

Dude meets girl, they live together, dude gets violent, dude gets kicked out and begins to stalk girl, girl stabs dude to death in self defence.

Sounds like a laugh a minute…

Now – this might sound odd but I didn’t have a telly in the 90s, so I’m helpless here – but can anyone here help Ray with his half-memory? Hilary? Darryl?

Actually – Julian has just reminded me that it could have been our very own local soap Night & Day – which of course I didn’t see for the reasons stated above. Can anyone confirm that?

3 Comments to “Mind the Memory Gap”

  1. Dickie says:

    I remember it too, as I was living just around nearby at the time, so it absolutely did exist. Though I’m damned if I can remember the name of it…

  2. Darryl says:

    Night & Day – which I’d forgotten until you mentioned it – was filmed in either Maidenstone Hill or Dutton Street, but then you posted about it in 2011, so I’m stumped.

    So I’m no good on his, sorry. (Until the violence started, I started thinking of This Life, which was Southwark Bridge Road…)

  3. No problem – just thought it might be the sort of thing you’d know…