Dreary But Hey…

I’m going to cheer up this post with lovely pictures of spring, like Stephen’s daffs, in a vain attempt to hide the depressing nature of the actual subject. Thought I’d better get it out of the way while the sun’s still shining…

James asks:

Sorry for the rather dreary request, but I was wondering how your readers in the Gibson/Caradoc St area have been getting on with the new black household/garden waste recycling caddies we were offered recently when the council decided to do something about the usual Monday morning rubbish apocalypse.

Quick photo of a local wildflower – the Deptford Pink:

Still with me? James continues:

My experience has been putting mine out once and finding that it had been stolen by the following morning.
Aside from being forced to draw the rather depressing inference that one of my neighbours has been so cretinously base as to steal something that is easily, legitimately available for free, and while I await the council’s response, I would be interested to know if this has happened to anyone else and what, if anything, they have been able to do about it.

Random moment where the Phantom adds a picture of lovely cherry blossom. Inconveniently, St Alfege is getting murdered underneath it, so clearly I took the picture 1001 years ago last Friday:

So, folks – what is your experience of bin-theft? I haven’t had any bins nicked myself but I have come across it – yes, even the big wheelies. I have no idea who the hell could be bothered to pinch what James points out as being free anyway – I mean it takes effort to cart ‘em away or hoist them up onto trucks. And if they are taken by people who intend to sell them on – who to? Maybe the little caddies are pinched by kids?

I guess some people do leave their bins out all week, even if they have somewhere inside their gates to keep them (usually shared property, perhaps everyone thinks it’s everyone else’s job) and all the bins I know of that have been nabbed have been from shared property.

Better have a nice picture of some tulips from Benedict:

I guess I’d be (mildly) curious to know how many bins actually do get pinched each year, what it costs the council and what their response is.

One last picture of spring to brighten up the post. Can’t remember who sent me this, but here’s hoping that when the weather gets colder after today it doesn’t end up like this:

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Tulips Bendict low



low a st alfege dying
low a st alfege dying

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17 Comments to “Dreary But Hey…”

  1. Caractacus says:

    Don’t know why people steal bins – but we had a resident who, before he learned his lesson, regularly used to block a narrow
    pavement to pushchairs and invalid scooters, sometimes leaving his wheelie-bin out for days after collections. Guess what ? His
    bin often got moved to distant streets for him. Took him a long time to get the gentle point – perhaps he was a UKIP voter … ?

  2. Stephanie says:

    If it is a small one containing food – maybe it was stolen by a cunning fox? Or maybe just put back in completely the wrong place by a bin man – who knows!

  3. Benedict says:

    I suspect it is an elaborate plot. The bin company sell them to the council who give them to residents, then the bin company steal them to sell again to the council who have to replace the residents stolen bins…..simple really when you think about it.

  4. scared of chives says:

    Benedict – brilliant. You should pitch for a new Canadian(?) TV drama – ‘The bin thieves’

  5. deebee says:

    Two of our black caddy bins have gone walking in the past year. Our latest bin is covered on all sides with our address written huge in white paint. It’s been 5 months and the bin is still with us. We wondered the same thing – who would take a bin full of rotten food?

  6. Nathan says:

    We have been the victims of no less than TWO wheelie bin thefts over in Annandale Road in less than a year! They even had our number scrawled all over them. I’m with Benedict on this one!

  7. Donovan says:

    I had mine stolen too the first night/morning I put it out in Gibson St – one of the 50cl black ones for food recycling. Had my address on it too. Beggars belief really.

  8. Anyone been in a pub recently and been approached by a shifty looking character offering ‘personalised wheelie bins…’?

    The only thing I can think of is totters…

  9. Jim says:

    On the plus side, the council seems prepared to replace nicked bins for free with no questions asked… I got the impression they’d already dealt with a fair few such calls when I had to ask for a new one.
    Doesn’t shed any light on why anyone would actually want a small, worthless bin full of banana skins and tea bags with someone else’s house number on the front, though…

  10. deebee says:

    The second time I called for a replacement, the lady said I’ll be charged £50 next time I need a new bin. New revenue stream?

  11. Benedict says:

    @SoC, thanks, I am working on my first treatment of “The Bin Thieves” an obviously much needed docu-drama, to shed light on this despicable crime. Mind you I may need a snappier title….”I’ve Bin loving you too long”?..all suggestions welcome

  12. The Search for Laden Bin?

    I’ll get me cloak…

  13. Benedict says:


  14. Norbert says:

    Yes we had two big bins stolen over the past few years. Mystified.

  15. Mr Dinsdale says:


  16. scared of chives says:

    I blame Thatcher

  17. T Plautus says:

    “Doesn’t shed any light on why anyone would actually want a small, worthless bin full of banana skins and tea bags with someone else’s house number on the front, though…”

    Turner Prize?