All Quiet on the Gravestone Front

John asks:

Someone asked me today if I ever heard what the outcome/ resolution (if any) to the headstone destruction, back in September 2011, was. I’ve just searched the Phantom site, but can’t find anything beyond the lamentable/ lamenting postings of Sept/Oct 2011.

Good grief – is it really 18 months since the St Alfege Gravestone Unpleasantness? Yes, I guess it must be. Anyone who doesn’t remember the story can best read about it at, the site that first broke it. I prefer to show a ‘before’ photo as (as you’ll see from Rob’s pictures) the ‘after’ is rather distressing.

Having been completely out of the loop for some time, I’d lost track of this story, so I asked Rob from if he’d heard what happened next. His reply makes drepressing reading:

“As far as I know, not a single thing has happened. There was a change around in the council cabinet, and whoever now in charge hasn’t progressed it at all ( in fact, when I contacted the old friends group in Dec they didn’t know John Fahy was no longer in charge).

Broken headstones presumably in storage, no moves to set up a new friends group or reform the old one.”

So, John – your answer is – nothing. Perhaps the internal fighting has overtaken it, perhaps the cost-squeezing has sidelined it, I don’t know. But you’re right – poking at it from time to time will keep it at the front of the mind…

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st alfege grave before
st alfege grave before

3 Comments to “All Quiet on the Gravestone Front”

  1. Darren says:

    I do understand the desire to get closure on the gravestones but I can’t help feeling that the more pressing need is to re-establish a group that is willing to work on improving the park.

    If John is no longer leading on this issue then who is?


  2. Darryl says:

    Peter Kotz is now the councillor in charge.

  3. John Fahy says:

    I had a walk around the Park last week. The planting around the area which was vandalised makes it look attractive. This comment does not diminish my anger over the whole incident. Decisions I regarding the future of the Friends Group now falls to other colleagues. However my own view is that time is a greater healer. Time to move on. I would welcome the continued interest of the community through a Friends Group being established. They should cherish and nurture the history,peace and tranquility of the Park.