4G/Freeview Compatiblity thing

Have you had any weirdnesses with your Freeview yesterday? I meant to talk about this last week and – well, you know me at the moment…

Basically, boffins are testing 4G services at the moment to see, among other things, whether sending it out at 800MHz will disrupt Freeview, which runs in a very close bandwidth.

They’re concerned that aerials, amplifiers, digital tuners and TV signals might not be able to block out mobile phones and they’re using our area (Greenwich, Lewisham, Southwark and Tower Hamlets) as a guinea pig. Why these (pretty basic) tests weren’t done before they sold 4G is beyond me.

We were supposed to get information through the post. I don’t know about you but I haven’t had anything yet. So, if you’ve lost any of your Freeview channels (check your subscription on Adult XXXX before embarrassing yourself, eh…), sound (gasping on Adult XXXX isn’t an intermittent fault…) or got blocky images (pixilation on Adult XXXX doesn’t count…) here are the ways to contact people who can make it all better:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/at800tv

Twitter: www.twitter.com/at800tv

Google+: www.gplus.to/at800tv

Or just talk to a real human being at the call centre: 0333 31 31 800

3 Comments to “4G/Freeview Compatiblity thing”

  1. They did do laboratory tests, of course. But lab tests are one thing; real life is another.
    People may have badly installed Freeview aerials, originally there to pick up four or five channels of analogue TV, poor or corroded connections in the cables from the aerials, or even no external aerials at all — just a coathanger on the top of the set.
    4G doesn’t yet use 800 MHz in this country — the services now available are on much higher frequencies, well away from digital TV, but it’s sensible surely to check whether some people’s TV will be affected once 4G starts on 800 MHz. In most cases it can be fixed easily, with a filter, for those few likely to be affected. But the industry has set money aside and it needs to understand the scale of any problem, if indeed there is going to be a problem.

  2. That make sense. I personally haven’t had any problems yet.

  3. Alan Burkitt-Gray says:

    Nor me, though most of our TV viewing is via satellite dish. However Freeview HD has been fine.