Dr Salter’s Dream Fund

Don’t know if you’ll remember the terribly sad story a couple of years ago when London’s Saddest Statue was stolen by metal thieves. The theft was at Rotherhithe, where Dr Alfred Salter lived and worked – but he was actually born in Greenwich in 1873 – there’s a red plaque to him in South Street.

Darryl tells me there is now a campaign up and running to raise funds for a replacement for ‘Dr Salter’s Daydream’, which will also include a statue of his wife Ada, who was a well-loved local deed-doer in her own right (their little daughter Joyce and her pet cat’s statues were apparently unnoticed by the ignoramuses who pinched the sculpture – if the the selfish tea-leaves had done even a tiny bit of research they could have increased their haul…)

It doesn’t say on the website whether they’re hoping to replace like with like or whether they’re planning something made of some kind of cheapo base metal made to look like bronze, but they need £100,000 so I’m guessing the bronze. Hope they’re also planning on sending 50,000 volts through it to deter any future light-fingered ‘admirers’.

I’m told the campaign has been doing pretty well in the three months it’s been going and Southwark Council have promised to match any fund raised. Not really sure where Southwark Council will find fifty grand in these cash-strapped times but hey…if you’d like to watch Bermondsey councillors fishing down the back of the town hall sofa in the name of a Greenwich Boy you can donate to the campaign here. It will be moving to see this saddest of statues back…

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  1. Nathan says:

    Thank you Phantom! I have been past a few times and wondered whether Dr Salter would be replaced so it is great to hear about this fund. That’s a donation from me anyway! His story would make a great film..