Removal Firms

A quickie today – Laura asks:

“Can you recommend a local removal company?”

The Phantom replies:

My very first removal, many years ago, was conducted using a shopping trolley; there’s something to be said for being less materialistic. I promise I didn’t leave it in Shopping Cart Valhalla. I then moved to various car boots, then to a self-hire Luton, and have only ever used a proper ‘firm the once.

Because it was my first, I made the mistake of hiring ‘a major national firm’- who, on being told there was only one thing I cared about, a very delicate lamp – made a special wooden box for it, ¬†dropped the box and were then very recalcitrant about getting my precious antique repaired. They were also very unexcited about taking care of much else…

So, maybe local is best. My being unable to recommend the ‘major national firm’ – suggestions please.

9 Comments to “Removal Firms”

  1. Andrew says:

    Matthew James Removals are quite local and recommended.

  2. Dave says:

    I can also recommend James removals, a local firm. 0208 856 5100

    I used them 5 years ago

  3. Maureen Hire says:

    James Removals definitely – used them to move late last year and thoroughly recommend them.

  4. Maureen says:

    Mortimers is great. Highly recommended.

    James Removals is also good.

  5. bats says:

    We used James removals too…not Matthew James. They are two separate companys owned by brothers with huge family rivalry.

    James removals packing service was incredible. 3 years later we are still finding sauce bottles at the back of a cupboard with lids taped down with their tape. Never a good sign on the health of the sauce in said bottle.

  6. methers says:

    We had J.R. Mortimer highly recommended when we moved some years ago, and they were brilliant. The packing service was excellent, and made the move go very smoothly.

    Note that there is also G.C. Mortimer which is a different company. I’ve no idea if they’re any good or not!

    Mortimer’s Removals Ltd
    020 8856 3982

  7. Andy says:

    We moved last October and Matthew James (although recommended) quoted us a huge fee. We went with “London’s Moving” in the end who I must say were very good.

    There was a hitch with our buyer’s solicitors which delayed us until 7pm but the moving guys didn’t complain or moan at all and just got on with it until 10pm.

  8. Neil Rhind says:

    J R Mortimer, without any doubt. 07881 760866.

  9. David Carson says:

    James removals did a great job when we hopped down the hill from Blackheath to Greenwich; they even came back and hauled a chair over the rear balcony to the loft room. I wrote to the MD, so impressed was I … Good luck moving!