Reasons to Sit on the Top Floor of a Bus (1)

First in a new occasional series today – things you can see from the top of a bus that you might miss from another angle. I usually sit on the top of the 180 in order to peer at the new developments going up behind those high hoardings but I wanted to at least start with something cheery – a host of tiny purple crocuses around a tree trunk in the grounds of Devonport House.

This has to be the longest, coldest, dreariest winter ever (it certainly has been for me). I tiny drop of sunshine and a few blooms lift a heavy heart just a tiny bit…

Will be very interested to know what you see from the top of your local ominbus…

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crocuses from bus
crocuses from bus

3 Comments to “Reasons to Sit on the Top Floor of a Bus (1)”

  1. Warren says:

    Hoping to get some Spring photos for my calendar. What are the chances? By the way it’s ‘Devonport House’

  2. Neil Rhind says:

    … and its hoardings not hordings. Am I alone in having trouble getting the full Phantom pages. Often blows over the bottom edge and loses necessary comment clickability.


  3. Blimey – Typo-City…

    Sorry chaps, all sorted now. I don’t know of any weird stuff on the page – anyone else having issues?