Rear Window (27)

Hardly a ‘guess where this is, folks…’ post – more an update, this time from the other side of the Old Hospital site development from Number 26 – Vanbrugh Hill side, courtesy of Louiss from the Plaza.

Of course even this is out of date now – the rounded shell in the picture here has been joined already by others to the east and the distinctive (worryingly shallow) footprint of the swimming pool to be.

It’s being called Greenwich Square now – not sure when that was decided but I guess it’s okay. Bland but serviceable. I have to say the blocks are higher than I was expecting, I don’t know why I should be surprised by that. Still, at least stuff is happening now – and at quite a lick.

The other buildings that are going up at quite a speed – and which are also higher and denser than I’d expected – are those at the old Stockwell market, the new School of Architecture.

I’m expecting to see some demolition at the market too, in Church Street – Bullfrogs and that posh furniture store were both kicked out ‘due to demolition’ – I’m guessing that the 1950s buildings that look like wartime infill are to be removed and replaced with pastiche Georgian ones to keep the look of the row. I read in a Standard puff-piece about all the sundry new Greenwich developments last week (anyone else find the town quite hard to recognise from the description?) that Greenwich Hospital are planning on encouraging independent stores to fill the market shops, which is contrary to what the independent traders have been telling me.

I truly hope Greenwich Hospital have had a change of heart and they’re not just saying that to sell apartments. Those indies are what keeps the place uinque. I can only hope.

PS – don’t you just love the creepy Phantom Car in the photo?

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Greenwich Square dev
Greenwich Square dev

8 Comments to “Rear Window (27)”

  1. Fatty Fatty BumBum says:

    That Standard piece on Greenwich last week was hilarious and as you infer, looked like an attempt by the paper to drum up interest in its advertisers local apartment schemes.

    Unfortunately the ugly Nandos and Frankie & Bennys which greets tourists as they arrive at the Cutty Sark is more akin to a cinema car park in Preston than Marylebone High Street.

    Given the amount of new flats in SE10 supposedly bringing thousands of workers to the area, I want to know when we are going to get some decent nightlife. Even one decent bar would be welcome!

  2. Paul says:

    Phantom, have you seen the Bardsley Street development?

    Looks like David Herbert gets to stay but that’s the biggest up-side. The blocks go up to six-storey; they’re also rebuilding the front of Up The Creek. So if you think the Stockwell St development is bulky, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  3. Txarli says:


    Whatever happened with the 2 metre depth pool request … did they approve it or was it turned down ?

  4. Benedict says:

    Crikey,its a proper building fest in Greenwich. Will I recognize when I visit in May?

  5. Franklin says:

    It’s only now that the shells are up that I realise how overbearing the Woolwich Rd buildings are (Block 1). The architects’ images in the 2008 planning application – which, unusually, is still available on the Council’s planning portal – do not give this impression at all.

    I feel particularly sorry for those on the north side of Woolwich Rd who, according to the ‘Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing Analysis’, are losing half of their average daylight – as starkly illustrated by Louis’ photo.

  6. MR H says:

    As a Greenwich resident from all my life & work in the area, i’m extremely concerned at the direction Greenwich is heading in (same could be applied to the country as a whole too)!!!

    Greenwich Hospital Estates are being dishonest in their claims to encourage ‘independent’ shops!
    They, along with Greenwich Council, have done everything to drive the indies away!

    Kum Lang will be a Foxtons I hear, Bullfrogs Clothing (not the shoe shop on the corner), Beachcombers, Darlings of Chelsea & Belle had their leases ended or decided to call it a day and I hear the Greenwich Shoppe (newsagents run by Mr. Patel) has been given notice too!

    Parking is ridiculous (£2.40 an hour if I think)is anyone whats to visit the area!
    More chains are coming in (Costas, Nando’s, Zizi’s etc) and rents are going up despite a recession!

    The olympics were a disaster for local businesses (the whole economic benefit for residents & locals was a lie), the park is still being renovated etc.

    Don’t get me started on the number of high rise apartments leading to an already overpopulated area, which leads to more congestion, strain on ever decreasing public services, increase in anti-social behaviour & destroying the (mostly) beautiful area.

    Also am I the only person who is alarmed by these ‘Council Wardens’?
    While I never agree with people who litter, they go around in packs spying on people, some look more like ‘street gangs’, intimidating people while they have a snack or smoke hoping to issue a fine! I’ve also witnessed someone who was harrassed for taking photo’s of the Cutty Sark area during the day- no doubt with the excuse of the threat of terrorism no doubt.

    I urge all residents to use you local independents before we end up like another soul-less corporate high street like Woolwich, contact you MP’s & councilors & put pressure on them to act on ‘the locals’ behalf before it’s too late!

  7. 16" East says:

    Wow! Well said indeed Mr H. There is nothing to add to that.

  8. Mr H says:

    Thank you for you kind comment 16th East!

    I wonder if the Greenwich Phantom could perhaps discuss this in his next article?
    Many people i’ve spoken to have the same concerns, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone speaking up to let them (the council & Greenwich Hospital) know how we feel.

    People are free to copy the points of my post and contact your local MP, counciller & Greenwich Hospital!