Health & Safety Gone Maaaaad

Paul says:

According to The Greenwich Society newsletter The Cutty Sark Tavern are seeking planning permission for a safety rail for their famous and fabulous wall where people like to sit dangling their legs over the river, while supping pints and watching the world go by.

Surely this is one of the worst mistakes a Greenwich pub could ever make? Isn’t the point of this pub that you can sit on that wall?

Other changes in the pub have been positive, well refurbished, with a good new menu, and feature evenings (even though we miss the uncomfortable barrel chairs!).

The Phantom agrees. Whatever happened to the concept of personal responsibility? If you’re old enough to hold a pint in your hand, you’re old enough to take care. If you’re responsible enough to have a small child with you it’s up to YOU to make sure said small child doesn’t fall in the water. It’s not someone else’s problem. Sea and river walls have been around for centuries – yes, they can be hazardous but it shouldn’t be beyond the wit of humans to just use a bit of common sense and not take stupid risks.

I guess the pub doesn’t want to be sued if some idiot falls in. But if I recall there’s already a notice whereby they take no responsibility for stolen items etc. I don’t see it’s their problem if someone across the road from them does something stupid. I guess they could put up another ‘at your own risk…’ type notice though I seem to remember there’s also already a ‘danger’ sign. Stating the bloomin’ obvious, of course, but frankly enough as far as I’m concerned.

IMHO a safety rail is totally unnecessary. We shouldn’t be whinging to others the second we do something silly and Bad Stuff happens. It ISN’T always someone else’s fault. This wall isn’t intrinsically dangerous if it’s treated with respect. We shouldn’t be turning our riverfront into a fortress.

If you agree, do email the new managers Andy and Monse at and let them know what you think. If you don’t, tell me here ;-)

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8 Comments to “Health & Safety Gone Maaaaad”

  1. Mary says:

    I’m pretty sure that has already been turned down – there were a number of letters from residents opposing it. I will check if you like

  2. Darren says:

    I do remember a fire engine and several ambulances at the pier one night several years ago when a couple of drinkers went into the water at the Cutty Sark.
    I guess we all pay the price for idiocy whether its guard rails or taxes!

  3. Nelson's Left Eye says:

    Maybe they should also close off the road in case customers trip or are hit by a car.

    And also only serve thin soup in case someone chokes…

    …using shallow bowls so no-one drowns in said soup.

    All very silly and unnecessary.

  4. TPlautus says:

    A safety rail would be more dangerous than the wall – it’s much more difficult to balance on when you’re drunk, but far more of a tempting challenge…

  5. JJ says:

    Just to confirm this is not happening, according to the bar staff last night.

  6. Stephen Barker says:

    I have recently been to the Cuttysark pub and noticed all the lovely changes that they have taken great care in doing inside. I actually thought that the brewery had approached the upgrading of the pub with sensitivity. That is until I read this article. Greenwich has very few drinking holes that I would still consider a nice pub (rather than wine bar) to enjoy a pint and take in the Greenwich sky scape. One of the loveliest features of the Cuttysark is the fact that you can sit on the wall and enjoy the views of the Thames and Canary Wharf.
    Cuttysark Management DO NOT make this ridiculous decision and ruin one of the nicest traditions that locals and tourist enjoy about drinking at this famous pub.

  7. PHEW: A response to Paul from Monse and Andy:

    Sorry for the delay in returning your email, I would like to inform you
    that there are no plans to build a rail on top of the wall outside the
    pub & look forward to welcoming in (hopefully!) the very near future.

    Indeed. We will all look forward to visitng. Good luck, M&A!!

  8. Mary says:

    Yes – as Paul says = I promised to get back and I have just had it confirmed by Planning that the application was withdrawn.
    Sorry it took so long to tell you that – they have a rule that they can take 10 days to get back to Members with info!!!