When Doggy Met Seal-y

I do hope Nicola’s okay with my sharing this with you – Matt found it the other day and it’s really rather wonderful. It was taken on 2nd Feb this year (in some rare sunshine) near Morden Wharf and shows a curious seal (who appears from his tag to be a rehabilitated chap on holiday from near King’s Lynn in Norfolk) who can’t quite work out what Nicola’s dog’s intentions are.

At first I couldn’t either and was rather worried about the barking – but when the seal kept coming back for more, and I saw the dog’s tail wagging, I realised they were just intrigued by each other.

I’m assuming that Nicola and Co. are from a Thames conservancy project or similar. Nicola – if you’re around, I’d like to know some more…

Just a heads up – Real Life is getting in the way again this week, posting may be patchy.

4 Comments to “When Doggy Met Seal-y”

  1. Bad Witch says:

    That’s a lovely seal!

  2. nicola white says:

    hi there. that’s a great blog entry you have written on our friend the seal. I will let you know what we find out about her. nicola

  3. RogerW says:

    Great post, TGP!

  4. Geoff3 says:

    When I lived on the Isle of dogs 10 years ago I used to see a seal regulary in the docks. The guys from Billingsgate used to feed him fish.