Rear Window (26)

Not the world’s most difficult Rear Window today, from John, but one of the most fascinating we’ve had for some time. This view must be changing daily – John, I hope you’re keeping a record of this – in the future, it will be a really valuable piece of documentation.

In fact – if you have nothing else to do, I’d love to see a record of this over, say, a year. It would make a really interesting photo-doc.

Do I really have to ask if anyone doesn’t know where this is?

Thanks, John – as with all Rear Windows, you are giving us a view into Greenwich we don’t normally get to see…

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john View from Back Room 2
john View from Back Room 2

John View from Back Room
John View from Back Room

2 Comments to “Rear Window (26)”

  1. Nathan says:

    Hmmmm. Is it Calvert Road? View of the former former hospital site/former heart of east Greenwich site?? Can’t believe how quickly it’s gone up (in the end)!

  2. Paul says:

    Went by on the bus yesterday. This building is WAY too tall to be along the road like that, it towers over the buildings across the road…what are they thinking???