A Lick of Paint

I’ve been chatting with Alan, (largely about tunnels and suchlike – for anyone new around here, Greenwich is a big old Swiss cheese, full of old tunnels, conduits, mines, secret passages etc. – check out the Underground Greenwich section in the Categories list on the sidebar) when the conversation turned to his job – he’s a handyman for Greenwich Council’s World Heritage Site Team “who basically paints anything that needs painting in and around the town centre and other odd jobs“.

He made an offer just too good to refuse – so I’m passing it on to you. “If there are any small issues around the town centre for example something you feel could use a coat of paint or tidying up please feel free to let me know.”

If you’ve got any suggestions for Alan, I will be happy to pass them on…

7 Comments to “A Lick of Paint”

  1. Txarli says:

    Hi, Can I get in contact with him ?

  2. I don’t like to put people’s emails online, so if you have something you don’t want to put in the comments email me and I’ll pass you on.

  3. Oh – yes, my site’s a bit weird at the moment. Email


  4. Nelson's Left Eye says:

    I’ve always thought a vibrant Notting Hill style multi-pastel paint scheme would make Greenwich a little more interesting than the current skin-tone scheme.

    Yeah, I know this isn’t what’s meant but where else could I mention it?

  5. Benedict says:

    @NLE, when I lived in Straightsmouth I did a lot of house-painting on the street and I managed to convince a few people to choose a colour rather than white, and by the end of my time there I had so much work that I was even offering to paint the masonry for free if they chose a colour (the idea being that it would make the street more attractive and help us sell the house which had been on the market for nearly a year). Strangely people still chose white even if it cost them £750 more.
    Its a funny old world.

  6. Matthew says:

    Not quite the town centre but the bollards in King George Street could do with a lick of paint.

  7. Suzanne says:

    We can contact Alan directly at Alan Driscoll
    This is a good council programme, as there’s no bureaucracy to it: Alan just does what needs doing, handyman-wise.