Rear Window 25

It’s been absolutely ages since the most recent in this (very) occasional series where Phantophiles share the view from their back windows that they enjoy in Greenwich. To be honest I’d forgotten I was doing it.

So I’m delighted that Lara is sharing with us this rather fabulously yellow photo which she took from her bath. Presumably the folks in the houses opposite get an even better view…

Now, I confess I don’t actually know where this is, though I have my suspicions. There are several candidates for high Georgian/Victorian buildings, but I suspect that the real clue will be in the modern building to the left of the row where, presumably, a wartime bomb interrupted the symmetry.

So – guess away. ‘Fraid you won’t get an answer from me, but Lara might let you in on the secret of who to chat up in order to peek through her neighbours’ window to try to spot her in the bath.

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lara rear window
lara rear window

15 Comments to “Rear Window 25”

  1. Richard says:

    Winforton Street looking up to Maidenstone Hill?

  2. JOF says:

    Given the yellow tint and the rough edges, was the original photo a Polaroid? Love the gnomes in the gneighbouring garden.

  3. Old China says:

    Are those the houses at the top of Point Hill/ West Grove?

  4. Benedict says:

    Hmm, not sure where it is, but I do know someone needs to do a bit of pruning out the back there.

  5. Fatty Fatty BumBum says:

    No that yellow is an App on smart phones called Histogram – it takes ‘retro’ looking photos on devices. Pretty cool! I think it looks like the back of a commercial street, like Royal Hill?

  6. bats says:

    Benedict..I assume you are talking about the garden!

  7. scared of chives says:

    Nah…definitely East Greenwich

  8. JOF says:

    Thanks for the explanation, FFBB; I suppose a Polaroid was unlikely.

  9. Lara says:

    HAHAHA. Loving all this.

    And true TGP geeks will know that a Rear Window of my own has been posted before…

    :-) .

    P.S. Instagram darlings!

  10. Franklin says:

    Oi! Who’re you calling a geek? ;-)

    Just thought I’d let someone else get it this time…

  11. 16" East says:

    Hmmm. The Phantom gave a good hint about the possible break in the row.. The height of the terrace suggests a large or wide road which makes it tricky but I think its actually a quiet residential road it looks onto.

    Is it looking at the houses on Earlswood Street (including the rear to the Vicarage for Christ Church?). If so, this could only be taken from one of the houses on the odd numbered side of Tuskar Street ?

  12. scared of chives says:

    I glanced at those tall chimneys this morning – 16″ East is correct – yes?

  13. 16" East says:

    Any comment on the answer Lara/TGP ?

  14. Lara says:

    16″ wins!!!

  15. 16" East says:

    Aah thanks Lara!