Ryan asks:

As a Greenwich local I am familiar with the evening “scene” – I generally head to the Pelton for some live guitars, or if feeling a little more continental I will head to Olivers….however while out and about on Saturday the clock ticked passed midnight and I couldn’t think of anywhere that was still open (other than some more sketchy venues at New Cross)

Any ideas of consistent late night venues with a reasonable playlist? It seems to be the one thing missing in Greenwich…

Now I confess I am not a clubber or late night Phantom in any way, so to my  embarrassment I hadn’t actually noticed that there isn’t much (or, indeed, anything) open after midnight. Being a scaredy Phantom I take one look at the people staggering around the market around 11.00pm and scurry home.

I assumed that Olivers was open late, but apparently not.  I hear that INC above the market is reopening at weekends, and according to the websites  it has DJ sets until 3.00am on Saturdays but I have no idea if it is any good.

I notice the ghastly place up by the Blackwall Tunnel that used to be the Tunnel Club in the 80s and that has had more names since than I can remember (including ‘That’) has been having a general makeover including what I can only describe as black, wobbly-surfaced hotel bathroom tiles stuck all over it  (which they did over Christmas, which I thought was pretty brave since that must be their busiest time of year); I don’t know if that’s going to be any good either. I also assume that there’s nightlife up at the O2 – don’t they have a nightclub? I went once and remember it having decor that reminded me of an underground car park.

I guess the issue is that Greenwich just isn’t as trendy as very near neighbours such as Deptford and New Cross, so people head over there – and that any Greenwich students probably have their own nights up at the Student Union, which of course isn’t for the likes of us.

So I’m opening this one to the floor. Do you know of good places open after midnight with decent playlists?

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  1. Jim says:

    Since when was Olivers not open late on a Saturday? I thought it kept going until 1/2/whenever Olivier decides to call it a night?

  2. Sheila says:

    I live very close to Olivier’s and promise that he does stay open usually til 2 on Friday and Saturday nights (I can hear them!). If there’s no one about, he does tend to shut earlier though.

  3. Fatty Fatty BumBum says:

    Unfortunately Greenwich is simply rubbish for night-life.

    There are no bars or nite clubs catering for the ‘young professional’ masses. Something which surely will change once all the new flats are occupied and some canny businessmen (with a clue about what constitutes a nice bar) opens one.

    New Cross is younger and more student focussed so the best thing is to just travel 6 minutes to London Bridge and head down Bermondsey Street instead. Lots of excellent pubs and cool places to tickle your fancy, and plenty of bars/clubs in nearby Southwark and Elephant for after midnight.

  4. B says:

    Well, I’m not sure about the reasonable playlist (or indeed if I’d recommend them) but Up The Creek and Desperados (bar area upstairs) are both open after midnight. You might have to be pretty ‘Desperado’ to try them though ;)

  5. Can’t disagree with that – I once went to Desperados to try it out, but hated the atmosphere so much i had to leave without ordering.

  6. Robin says:

    North Pole is open until after midnight. Although downstairs is tiny and student-y but friendly enough.

  7. Darryl says:

    Greenwich has always been crap for going out. Utter crap. Can’t see it ever changing.

    It’s a fiddly journey for somewhere so close, but you could try Jam Circus (when it reopens) or Gulen’s in Brockley. Or there’s gigs (and some clubs) at at the Fox and Firkin in Lewisham, or the usual suspects (Amersham Arms, New Cross Inn) in New Cross.

  8. 16" East says:

    I find any expectation that Greenwich town centre will be a buzzing west-end type location a little surprising: it is a small town and most local areas have few late night choices across south-east London. Greenwich is not particularly better or worse than most.

    Late on weekend nights we can choose between the comedy club, Inc Bar, Bar 57 (on the high road) , The South Pole (under North Pole Pub), Oliver’s Jazz Bar, Desparado’s, The George & Dragon (gay), and I think St Christoper’s Inn possibly? Surely this is enough with other venues nearby and the main hub uptown?

  9. Nelson's Left Eye says:

    Isn’t the much nicer downstairs bar/restaurant at Desperado’s open late?

  10. Nelson's Left Eye says:

    We definitely need some late venues over here in East Greenwich. It’s not as if there aren’t any places to put a potentially noisy bar?!

  11. Valoma says:

    It was 4 very young customers of Desperados that very nearly killed the B&B owner in St Alfege Passage .DON”T GO THERE

  12. Dave says:


    You seem to be suggesting that Desperados are in some way responsible for the attack on the owner of the B&B

    I think this unfair, these people could have been drinking in a number of other bars that evening. Do they have to share the blame as well.

    By the way I have no connection with Desperados, nor have I ever been there

  13. David says:

    There’s a new place opened beneath the Plaza …. a club; I wandered past last night post a drink in the Pelton Arms about 9pm. Enquired of the door staff and poked my nose in. Had to be body searched and found myself alone to a thumping vibe in a bit of cavern-like place … I suspect I know the crowd that they’re after; and it won’t enhance our area. I will be steering clear late at night….No real ale :-)

  14. Nelson's Left Eye says:

    More than a little surprising that a nightclub of that type was given permission to open in an apartment block.

    I don’t expect that was popular with the residents!

  15. Union Jon says:

    I went into the TR bar under the plaza on saturday night and it was a strange experience. After trying to enquire whether I had to pay or not which they were very unclear about I finally go in to find that we were the only people in there. The staff were very difficult to the extent that they dont seem to speak very much english and order a drink was hard work although i had to say it was remarkably cheap.

    The place could be quite decent and as its only newly opened i think it will improve. It reminds me very much of the North/South Pole in style but a little bigger down stairs.

    I can understand that local residents of the Plaza arent happy with this but at the same time East Greenwich does need some more life in it and as usual its a case of its OK as long as its not on MY doorstep.

  16. Lara says:

    I got quite pissed at Desperados on cheap horrible cocktails with huge sparklers. It was great!