Lovells Thames Path Reopening – An Enigmatic Message

Meirion asks:

The Lovell’s stretch of the Thames Path is ready to open any day. Photo shows the Drawdock section near the Dome (which will have reedbeds and everything) is coming along nicely – another couple of months maybe? Does this mean there’ll be a short window later this year when we can walk from Greenwich to the Dome on the Thames Path before they close it again for the cruise ship terminal development? Even if it is just for one day?

He goes on to ask an even more interesting question:

And will Greenwich Council say to the cruise ship lot “You can close the path for a month to do essential works for free but after that we’ll charge you £20K a week if you want to keep it closed” or something to that effect. That would have cost Lovell’s millions or much more likely they would have found a way to reinstate the path promptly.

And please let’s not have the excuse that developers need to import/export by river so there can’t be a path during development. Hanson’s ship tons of aggregates every day into the Victoria Deep Terminal and the path is never closed for more than a few seconds until the banksman waves you through. Until ten years ago you’d stumble along the alley after the power station through Anchor Iron wharf, completely unsupervised, with random chunks of scrap metal hurtling over your head.

Good points. Sadly I think I can guess what Greenwich Council’s closure conditions will be – ‘As long as you feel like it, mate, no hurrry…’

But we do have hope for the Lovell’s Wharf section now. In a very enigmatic statement they say:

“I am delighted to tell you that the footpath will be open this Friday and then the other path will be taken out of use to the public”.

Quite what they mean by ‘the other path’ is up for debate…

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7 Comments to “Lovells Thames Path Reopening – An Enigmatic Message”

  1. Mary says:

    Phantom – can you suggest to Merion that they get in touch with me. I will see that they get up to date info on the path along with other people who ask me.
    I will also see that the question he/she has put here gets raised and will get back to them on it.
    Glad they are ok with the path remaining open through Hanson’s – the result of court action by the Council in the 1990s.
    Keep on asking questions.

  2. rp says:

    “completely unsupervised, with random chunks of scrap metal hurtling over your head.”

    ah, the good old days of the Thames path – we don’t have enough danger in our lives these days . . .

  3. Bh says:

    Thanks for updating us! Are either of theses the cycle paths? The Dome has been a cycling dead end for ages now.

  4. Mary says:

    cycle paths – there is a council officer working on the cycle paths along the whole of the riverside. He is – I think – going to report to the next meeting of the Sustainable Communities Scrutiny Panel – which is a public meeting if people want to come along.

  5. mario says:

    Presumably, the ‘other path’ is the one that takes you behind the development and to the bit of the path noted for passing along systematically broken windows across all the deserted buildings……

  6. Meirion says:

    Lovell’s Path now open and being heavily used today especially by cyclists. Not as atmospheric as the old wharf and cranes as immortalised by Elaine Marshall but at least it is finally open and it is just that “temporary” side alley that has now been blocked off. rp – the odd fridge on the head never did me any harm.

  7. Thanks for the reminder about the Sustainable Transport Panel meeting Mary. I will diarise it now.

    (Have you signed my petition?