Faded Greenwich (19)

Just when I think we’ve covered all the faded signs in Greenwich another one sneaks in, often one that I’ve actually seen – and yet somehow not seen – hiding in plain sight.

Stephen was curious about a comment by Valoma about┬áHans Schwarz’s ┬ástudio, the first house in George Street, so he went up to take a look, and found this rather fabulous old painted sign.

This one’s hard to make out, especially the top line with the actual name, though a bit of research may yield results.

So far I’m seeing

S J Blo-something

(co) Corn and

Coal Merchants

Hay, Straw & (Eggs?/ Something?)

Wholesale and Retail.

No contact details like you’d need today – you didn’t need the address because it was there in front of you, didn’t need a phone number because even if they were around no one had one, there was no phone, and websites were the stuff of not-invented-yet science fiction.

It’s possible this isn’t the whole sign; there’s been an extension on the building (very glad the sign wasn’t scrubbed off) but it looks pretty complete to me.

This all gives me hope there are still more faded Greenwichs out there to discover. Thanks Stephen…

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5 Comments to “Faded Greenwich (19)”

  1. Roger says:

    The full text of the sign is, I think, as follows:

    S J Perren and Son
    Corn and Coal Merchants
    Hay, Straw and Feed
    Wholesale and Retail

    The Perren family lived in the house through much of second half of the 19th Century, and perhaps longer I think. The building carrying the sign (latterly Hans Schwarz’s studio) seems to have been the wagon garage and hay loft, the big carriage doors to Point Hill being bricked up by Hans Schwarz in the late 60s when he was setting up the studio.

    I moved into the adjoining house in late 2011 with my partner and we hope at some point to find a way to restore the ghost sign at least to legibility, without losing its character and faded charm.

    There’s also the barest trace of another painted sign on the upper storey of the main house facing up King George Street, but it’s very hard to make out.

  2. Wow – thanks Roger – I am always astounded by the way someone always knows what I need! Good luck with the sign, though perhaps just stopping it getting any worse might be an easier aim

    Brilliant stuff. Cheers!

  3. Stephen says:

    Thanks Roger, but I can’t make out feed in the third line. Feed fits very well with Hay’ Straw, but to me it looks like & Grower, but what has grower to do with hay and straw. I reckon the word at the end of the fourth line has six letters.

  4. Roger says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Yes, my memory is playing tricks. The last 2 lines have been painted over with different text at some time,making it even more confused – I’d venture ‘clover’ as a possible 6-letter animal-feed-related option.

  5. Fatty Fatty BumBum says:

    I would LOVE to see this sign made slightly more legible and protected, as its such a lovely link to Greenwich’s agricultural past.