Folks, Real Life is getting in the way of posting much just now so for the foreseeable future updating will be quite intermittent. There will be occasional flurries of posts of things I think you need to know – today is one of those days. I shall also updtate Parish News today so if you have events etc. you want to tell me about, now’s the time.

Otherwise, do keep coming back for the Phantom Advent Calendar right up to Christmas Day.

I promise I have some absolute doozies for you when I’m able to post again. Thank you so much to everyone who’s sending me such great stuff – it’s all in my pile of ‘stuff to do’ – I’m looking forward to sharing it.

2 Comments to “Updating”

  1. bats says:

    Enjoy Christmas Phants…love the advent calendar. Real life has the habit of getting in the way.

  2. capability bowes says:

    You mean there are no cute little elves updating your blog when you are busy?

    No, wait. That’s Father Christmas. What would the Phant’s little assistants be? Wraiths? Goblins? Phant-ettes?