The Phantom Advent Calendar

Ladies and Gentleman, The Phantom Webmaster and myself have got together this year to bring you something a little different. Pray silence for the (drumroll, provided by none other than TPW…)

The Phantom Advent Calendar!!!

Created as a tribute to the mighty Royal Greenwich Time, we have lovingly hand-crafted each window to be as we think the GT team would have made it had they had the vast time and cash resources of Phantom Towers…

So, sit back and enjoy twenty-five windows, each a charming Christmas vignette, with a cheery Greenwich theme running through.

  • Sigh at the sizzling full colour!
  • Squeal in delight at the minute detail!
  • Swoon at the fabulous costumery!
  • Wonder who might be behind that curtain each day!
  • Marvel at the time and effort each one of these exquisite frames must have taken!*.
  • Goggle at the sheer Photoshop mastery!
  • Dream of the delights within!

So without further ado – turn the page, draw back the magic curtain…who will behind it today?

Click HERE to find out:



*some of these windows took up to half an hour to carefully hand-craft…

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20 Comments to “The Phantom Advent Calendar”

  1. Steven says:


  2. capability bowes says:

    Can the Phant (or someone else, for that matter) please take pictures of the Christmas Windows this year and post them online?

  3. Benedict says:


  4. Benedict says:


  5. Benedict says:

    Only December 1st and I’m seeing double! Crumbs, whats it going to be like by the 25th?

  6. WestCliffGB says:

    I was feeling Christmassy already today – looking forward to seeing what else you have for us (The Greenwich Santom?).

  7. Alan Palmer says:

    Brilliant! Congratulations all round!

  8. capability bowes says:

    No no no, Phant. The picture for 2nd December is wrong. Our Glorious Leader should be the one in the manger as he is Saviour Of Us All!

  9. JOF says:

    The guy in the suit in the second photo looks a bit unfocused.
    (Please insert your own punchline.)
    Boom boom.

  10. Greenwich Writer says:

    Wonderful !

  11. Darren says:

    I certainly hope our glorious leader didn’t pay for his own trip to the holy land for this advent celebration. That’s what I pay tax for!!!!

  12. RogerW says:

    OMG – this is spoiling us better than giving us Ferrero Rocher!

  13. Benedict says:

    ….to use my now local vernacular….Awesome!

  14. bats says:

    Superb! This is becoming more exciting than my beano chocolate advent calendar…though my 2 year old son would disagree (unless Mr Cat makes an appearance).

  15. Old China says:

    Ha, that’s amazing!!

  16. capability bowes says:

    Phant, you are SO naughty! Expect a visit from Greenwich Council’s Legal Team by the end of the week!

  17. Valoma says:

    Dear. Greenwich Phantom you are getting such lovely reviews on your Advent windows on Meridian Radio major salute .WELL DONE

  18. Valoma says:

    Ps Phantom my daughter asked “mummy does Phantom fly?”

  19. Bats says:

    Is it wrong to laugh so loudly at today’s offering? You phants are a very naughty phantom….good work.

  20. Angelic Rogue says:

    Ho ho ho, very good phant. Best advent calendar I’ve had in years