The Phantom Advent Calendar Continues…

Ladies and Gentleman, The Phantom Webmaster and myself have got together this year to bring you something a little different this year. Pray silence for the (drumroll, provided by none other than TPW…)

The Phantom Advent Calendar!!!

Created as a tribute to the mighty Royal Greenwich Time, we have lovingly hand-crafted each window to be as we think the GT team would have made it had they had the vast time and cash resources of Phantom Towers…

So sit back and enjoy twenty-five windows, each a charming Christmas vignette, with a cheery Greenwich theme running through.

  • Sigh at the sizzling full colour!
  • Squeal in delight at the minute detail!
  • Swoon at the fabulous costumery!
  • Wonder who might be behind that curtain each day!
  • Marvel at the time and effort each one of these exquisite frames must have taken!*.
  • Goggle¬†at the sheer Photoshop mastery!
  • Dream of the delights within!

So without further ado – turn the page, draw back the magic curtain…who will behind it today? Can you guess?

Click HERE to find out:



*some of these windows took up to half an hour to carefully hand-craft…

2 Comments to “The Phantom Advent Calendar Continues…”

  1. Capability Bowes says:

    Phant, the picture for 20th made me laugh so much I nearly lost my breakfast. You are SUCH a naughty Phantom and I will be mightily surprised if Greenwich Council don’t have you arrested for disrespect to the Leader. Never mind, we will all come visit you in Belmarsh (if only to find out what you look like) and try to smuggle a file to you inside a christmas cake.

  2. RogerW says:

    Happy Christmas, TGP

    This advent calendar has been a real treat – thanks!