Planning #1

Consultation is open on that most depressing of things, the change of use from a good old fashioned pub to a two bed flat If the link for the planning application to turn the Morden Arms from public to private use doesn’t open, you can just go to Greenwich Council’s planning page and put ‘Morden Arms’ into the search.

5 Comments to “Planning #1”

  1. Fatty Fatty BumBum says:

    Maybe instead they should clean the pub up a bit as its location and character mean it could easily be as popular as its neighbours the Richard the First and the Union. Instead it looks smelly and dirty and pushes people away. Its a listed building in a conservation area, I hope its rejected. Come on people – stop Greenwich losing another pub and object to this!

  2. David Carson says:

    This is very depressing; it is a beautiful building and could SHOULD be a gem of a pub; there’s enough call and interest in another well rum pub in the area… Especially given the population surge around Creek side. I went in there a couple of weeks ago. And then came straight out. Reminded me of another lovely building with the pub woefully short of what it could be, the Duchess Bar (ugh). The Mordern could be very special… Once they’re gone, they’re gone…

  3. Sarah Crofts says:

    This is a regular stop on Fowlers Molly Dancers’ Plough Monday tour and the landlady , staff and customers are always very welcoming. Other morris teams dance there as well and it is a good music venue. It is going to be a great shame to see a local like this go.

    I have tried to make comments on the Greenwich planning page but every time I try to enter the application number, it says it is invalid. Has anyone else had any luck? I see that one comment has been made so far.

  4. Kate says:

    I believe the planning only relates to making a flat out of the top floor? The pub will stay a pub as far as I have heard….

  5. Fatty Fatty BumBum says:

    No Kate, its the pub they want to convert – object now!