Merry Greenwich Christmas

Merry Christmas one and all! There is one more window to open on the Phantom Advent Calendar to see you through to the beginning of 2013.

Sadly Real Life has been interrupting proper blogging recently. I hope to return very soon.

Have a peaceful one.

7 Comments to “Merry Greenwich Christmas”

  1. bats says:

    Number 25 is a thing of beauty, particularly the bottom right corner. Happy Christmas phants and all the phantomites out there!

  2. daveh48 says:

    Best Advent Calender ever – the 25th – words fail – brilliant.

    Well done Phant and Merry Christmas.

  3. Capability Bowes says:


  4. scared of chives says:

    I’ve kinda…you know.. fallen for Chris Roberts. 25 days of magic.

  5. JOF says:

    And a Happy New Year to you, Phantom, and to all the Fantoms who follow you.

  6. Benedict says:

    Mrs Benedict and meself wish all Greenwichians (?) and Le Phantom (?) a very merry Christmas and a haaaaaaaappy new year!
    From a very snowy

  7. mark says:

    happy new year to you sir

    good luck with the blog next year!