Daily Bread, Daily Flag

You know this time last year the word ‘Food Bank’ hadn’t really entered my consciousness. When Phantom Ex-Pat Benedict created the Advent Flags over in Toronto, in the same spirit as the St Alfege Advent Windows (hugely, hugely popular – I notice they’re all over the country this year) to help fund the Daily Bread scheme, it never occurred to me that Greenwich might be getting a food bank of its own within the year.

Capability Bowes told me that he read in Metro that there was one being set up – he couldn’t find a link and when I tried to find one the paper’s website crashed my computer twice so I don’t recommend it, but I’d be interested to know about it. He tells me that there is already one at Avery Hill and that when he went along to drop off some donations he found himself quite choked. I can believe that. What is this world coming to that these things are necessary.

If anyone tells me about the Greenwich one, I will find a way of posting it.

Meanwhile, across the pond, Benedict and Co. are upping the ante this year and instead of the traditional 24 advent openings, they have 32 – taking in the whole of December and the 1st January. The picture at the top is Number 1, by Erwin Buck, you can follow all of the artistic offerings here and, if you’re particularly taken with any of them even buy one at the auction at the end.

More about Greenwich Advent Windows in a minute.

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Dec 01 Daily Flag Erwin Buck
Dec 01 Daily Flag Erwin Buck

4 Comments to “Daily Bread, Daily Flag”

  1. capability bowes says:

    This is the link to the edition of Metro that the article appeared in (pesky nuisance time: I think you have to let them have your email address to view it and then they send you the e-copy of the paper each day unless you unsubscribe)


    The website of the organisation that runs the Food Bank is here:


    If you use the “search” facility by typing in “SE10″ it brings up a pointer and says “Branch under development”. There is a further link to an SE10 specific web page but this isnt fully functional at the moment (it also shows that there is a branch “under development” for Woolwich as well).

    I emailed the Trust to ask for further details about when the SE10 branch would be opening and where; as soon as I hear back from them I will let you and your readers know.

    Currently, SE10′s nearest branch is Foodbank Bexley (not as far away as it sounds as it is located about 2 minutes walk from the Avery Hill site of Greenwich Uni), reachable from Greenwich via the 286 bus, in a road called Southspring. The site gives a “shopping list” of suggested donations – things must be non-perishable, so stuff like tins and packets are fine. I asked yesterday whether they were short of anything in particular and their answer was “milk” – either UHT in cartons or in powdered form. Steamable puddings in tins are also in short supply, as are tins of things like baked beans and sausages all in together. But I suspect that anything and everything would be welcome. Until the SE10 one gets going and is open for your donations of PhantPhood, the SE9 branch will gladly accept anything that you can spare.

  2. Benedict says:

    Thanks for posting that Phantom.There has been an 18% increase in the use of foodbanks within the Greater Toronto Area and very sorry to learn that it has become necessary for a similar operation in Greenwich. For those of you that can donate or volunteer some time. Remember those less fortunate at this time of year.
    On a more cheery note…Have a very merry Christmas Greenwich!

  3. Benedict says:

    and if there is anything you fancy here is a link (sorry Phant couldn’t find one in your text)

  4. Ruth says:

    I’ve been told that St John’s church in Blackheath Standard has joined together with a lot of churches in the area to set up a food bank and they are going to the co-ordinator for the food bank. Not sure where it actually is though.