Bye Bye Kum Luang

I am perhaps disproportionately saddened to see the death of Kum Luang in Creek Road. I loved this restaurant, warts and all, and visited often.

I don’t know what happened but it looks pretty sudden – not just closed but boarded up – and before Christmas too.

Can anyone enlighten me?

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15 Comments to “Bye Bye Kum Luang”

  1. Capability Bowes says:

    We are nearing Quarter Day – ground rents and service charges are falling due. Maybe,like Welcome Friends in Well Hall Road, they have decided to throw in the towel, particularly if the landlord has hiked all their charges.

  2. Jeremy says:

    No explaination as such, but they closed 17th November. The boarding is new though.

  3. Fatty Fatty BumBum says:

    Aw that’s a shame, don’t think there are any other Thais in Greenwich?
    Maybe the influx of chains is hitting the old faithfuls hard – like that Italian place which recently closed, now Kum Luang….
    People are being lured by Peri Peri they know rather than ‘risk’ an independent.

  4. Kate says:

    I used to like it in here and went many times in the last few years though the service by some of the staff was less than friendly (One of the waitresses we nicknamed Smiler as she never broke anything other than a stern/sullen expression)

    The last meal we had in there a few months back however was dire. Long waits for food despite it not being busy, cold when the dishes eventually arrived, undercooked food mixed with cremated food which was virtually inedible – very disappointing and we never returned. Perhaps there was a loss in quality which turned a lot of the regular custom away?

  5. Union Jon says:

    My wife and I loved this place and were disappointed when it closed. There are too many Mexicans and this offered something different.

    When I went by actually for a meal, the other week I found it closed and being cleared out by some builders. They informed me that it will now be estate agents, so the rent increase may be true and only big corporates can survive. Sad as Greenwich really lacks some decent restaurants now.

  6. paddy says:

    I went here about 6 months ago and had such a terrible meal I vowed never to return. It used to be good so I don’t know what happened but if you start serving atrocious food (it was so bad we were genuinely scared to eat it), then I’m afraid you dont deserve to stay in business.

  7. Kate says:

    Surely if it was going to be an estate agents they would have to apply for change of use? Nothing on planning has been listed?

  8. Fatty Fatty BumBum says:

    Noooooooooooo not ANOTHER estate agents surely?! How can they all survive its bonkers! And why did the Council allow a change of use, the Muppets.

  9. MIKE says:

    If it’s an estate agents, I hope it’s Foxtons… bring some class to the dreadful high St!

  10. lucy says:

    Maybe greenwich inc is going to turn it in to the new bar du musee…???

  11. DeeBee says:

    and now Zin is gone too! What is happening?

  12. I find myself wondering whether all the chains can ‘lose’ their profits Starbucks-style by paying royalties to themselves and spreading profits across branches so their Inland Revenue lialibity is nothing, but independents have no such loopholes and just have to pay the damn tax…

  13. Valoma says:

    I guess you guys just want chain business’s in Greenwich.Shame on all of you who wish for this! If you watch twitter, another independent Greenwich business to close .

  14. 16" East says:

    It uses to be a really good Thai a few years back. Shame. Zin on trafalgar road is changing hands and being rebranded. It may be teeny but has a string local following for tasty inexpensive eastern food- really hoping the menu/quality doesn’t change!! We need to import some restaurants down the hill from Blackheath. We have the pubs but they have the decent food up there (apart from a few places obviously : Inside, Guildford, Rare, etc) .

  15. Stephen says:

    We happened to pop in the night it closed, the waitress told us the owner was retiring. Most of the artwork, furniture and decorative items had already been sold, the staff had been given their notice.

    I couldn’t agree with the other comments more – what Greenwich needs is more high quality independent restaurants and fewer chains and tourist joints.