The Daily Screamer

GWlocal asks:

I’ve been living in Greenwich for almost a year now and was wondering (first with annoyance and now with curiosity) about the daily screamer…I’ll explain.

Every week morning between about 8:15 – 8.45am, one very angry/frustrated/vocal biker screams his way down Trafalgar Road (towards Greenwich). His normal rant: ..’Get out of my way you bloomin’ #@$!holes’…at the top of his voice and from the gut. 

I try my best to see who this person is but he whizzes past so quickly that I can never seem to catch him. All I know is that he has one booming voice and obviously has no love for anything four-wheeled. 

Know anything about this peculiar person?

The Phantom replies:

No – though I have certainly come across some very vocal cyclists – I particularly enjoyed the chap who came screaming along the pavement shouting for people to get out of the way and the guy who yelled at me when I stopped my car (in plenty of time) to let him cross along the bottom of the road in front me – perhaps it’s the same person.

As a cyclist myself I’ve only once even felt the need to shout  - at the Vanbrugh Hill junction when I was going straight across from Traf Road to Woolwich Road and a driver coming up behind me decided on amber that he didn’t want to stop for the next set of lights, accelerated and then turned left in front of me at high speed, nearly gaining a second ghost bike there. BTW I didn’t shout – I was too shocked.I guess there are angry road users of all varieties out there.

Perhaps the fact that this cyclist is angry every morning and is going so fast that he’s almost invisible sort of cancel each other out – we can’t see him at all. In years to come he may disappear entirely as a physical entity and folklore will tell of an invisible, foul banshee-like voice on the air at a certain time every weekday morning.

Just pause for a moment, though, and think of the real losers in this tale – this man’s workmates. Can you imagine what he’s like by the time he reaches the office?

13 Comments to “The Daily Screamer”

  1. Jo says:

    Yes, I have frequently heard this while waiting for a bus at Tyler Street. I think it’s just his way of making sure the traffic notices him, a bit like a bicycle bell but louder. And not in itself angry. I cycled to work in town for a few weeks many years ago and had to give it up as about one in a hundred cars seemed intent on killing me. These odds didn’t suit me. Mind you now as a pedestrian I have been known to shout at cyclists on the pavement who seem to think pedestrians should just get out of their way and cyclists who jump the lights.

  2. Nick says:

    If he’s using profane language then he’s technically committing an offence. Verbal abuse can be regarded as an assault, and is also an offence under Section 5 of the Public Order Act. The only problem would be finding a policeman to take it seriously.

  3. Alastair says:

    I came across the screamer one morning – I thought it was a women

  4. Conejo says:

    It a she, not a he. As a cyclist I’ve regularly heard/seen her from Greenwich to as far away as Farringdon. I’ve always found her a bit tiresome. As I get older I prefer to give a thumbs up when drivers notice me and give me room. Most drivers are decent, so I give much more thumbs than fingers.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I used to live on Woolwich Raod, the Greenwich side of the flyover. You could hear her from my sitting room in the morning as she cycled through the traffic. The noise always reminded me of CESA assents scuba-divers practice – just one long monotoned noise coming from her has she passed

  6. Steven says:

    Most definitely a she……..Once, when I was close to straddling the centre line just to see how she might react, she gutturally seethed…” Get over!! We’re not in France!”…….bless. She might well be the coolest, calmest cookie in the office.

  7. Geoff says:

    Are you sure it’s not Boris?

  8. Gordon of Greenwich says:

    I wonder if this is the same female cyclist I see on my cycling commute? If it is she is thoroughly unpleasant, screaming and snarling at motorists. I once witnessed her bawling at a woman with kids who had the cheek to ask her to get off the pavement. She is the sort of cyclist that gives us a bad name.

  9. GWlocal says:

    The one I hear is definitely male (Jo you’re right – I hear him around Tyler Street)…otherwise she’s on steroids! Boris?…lol.

  10. SophieM says:

    That’s so funny! I agree that s/he is probably a total pussycat in normal daily life – perhaps it is some kind of therapy?

    On a different but related note, has anyone living around Colomb Street/Vanbrugh Hill noticed that someone has recently acquired a small motorbike or scooter and seems to be taking great delight in revving it as hard as they can up and down the road? We’ve noticed this over the past three weeks or so, and commented on it because where we lived before (Brixton) we had several such individuals who used to hoon around the otherwise quiet roads, endangering pedestrians and annoying residents. We called them “scooter c***s” and we don’t know whether to be impressed or dismayed that East Greenwich appears to have acquired one of its own.

  11. Mr M says:

    She’s been around, spotted and discussed for quite a while….the London Banshee

    ps: not as self-censored as a TGP comments page.

  12. Gordon of Greenwich says:

    Mr M,

    The London Banshee indeed! – Don’t get me wrong I’ve had run in’s with car drivers, bus drivers, pedestrians and (more frequently) fellow cyclists and I’ve had frank exchanges with some of them (when necessary). But she really takes the biscuit – it makes you wonder where the aggression comes from?

  13. Jimbo says:

    I love a screamer