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Nice view, huh? It is, of course Island Gardens, just across the way from us. Just look at all that blue sky. Drink it in, enjoy it, while you can.  According to Maniamania  you’re going to have to get used to looking at rather less blue soon.

Telford Homes are proposing to construct a five-storey block of flats (could be six, as Telford are known to count the ground floor as ’1′) pretty much next door. There’s a single-storey community centre there at the moment, but Telford have been very concerned at the state of it – so concerned, in fact, that they say it’s neccessary to knock the whole thing down and rebuild it, to a slightly different design, of course, as their contribution to the local area.

Here’s the leaflet for one of those useless consultations these sort of developments attract – as you can see, the flats butt-right up to the foot tunnel itself and are hardly an exciting design. It is, by the way, a conservation area and the foot tunnel is listed.

The council seem to recognise that there’s a conservation area issue but don’t seem to have worked out that it’s right next to a listed building.

Telford Homes, at the consultation, told Maniamania that their brilliant wheeze for hiding the ugliness of the flats (they do seem to admit they’re not pretty) is to cover them up with trees. Since they also told her that they plan to be building right up to the waters’ edge with a teeny tiny Thames Path strip that won’t be large enough for trees – and, of course, for half the year most trees don’t have leaves anyway, I’m not counting on that idea acting like a giant fig leaf…

Maniamania sent me a long list of reasons why this shouldn’t go ahead (rather sweetly but I suspect, romantically, suggesting that Greenwich Council would never allow this sort of thing) but the main one to me seems to be that Island Gardens is already a very small part of view – to erode it further will be detremental to both sides of the river.

She tried to talk with Nick Raynsford, but was told it isn’t in his constituency and wasn’t allowed surgery time. To be honest probably the less he knows about it the better – he’d probably plough in on the developers’s side.

It’s hard to find plans so all I’ve seen is the proposal submission and the drawing on the consultation document, but Maniamania has begun a petition and asked me if I’ll pass it on to you guys – so here I am, doing just that.

Find it here.

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calders wharf
calders wharf

empty foot tunnel view low
empty foot tunnel view low

2 Comments to “More View Erosion”

  1. capability bowes says:

    One of my greatest pleasures in winter used to be standing on Platform 2 of London Bridge station waiting for the train home and looking over the river at the Tower of London silhouetted against the darkening sky and all lit up like a christmas tree, imagining what it must have been like to have been a prisoner there during the reign of Elizabeth I. And then they built an enormous bloody bank (UBS if I remember rightly) slap bang across one of the most evocative views I knew.

  2. Richard says:

    These pesky people wanting jobs and houses. Ruining everybody’s views.

    Seriously the block of flats on Greenwich High Road opposite Burgos Grove. WTF!!??