Grass Roots

For some reason I didn’t expect to see green in front of the Queen’s House before next spring – I just assumed they’d sow seed – but no – they’re busy returfing and it’s looking good.

Have to say there’s quite a pong of manure hanging over the site just now. I suppose that’s one of the unexpected perks of having had horses to stay this summer…

I know some people have been moaning about the speed at which the park’s coming back to life. Personally I think it was inevitable. They got the course and stadium up fast because they had a deadline and the eyes of the world were on them. Now they only have us to moan at them. And I guess they did take quite some time to get rid of the stadium.

Thing is, I’d rather they did take their time and do it properly, rather than rush to deadlines and botch it up. This re-turfery looks pretty good. I’m okay with it really, as long as it doesn’t take too much longer. But, at the risk of opening a wasp-nest – what do you think?

Oops. Forgot something in that last picture

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returfing after olympics
returfing after olympics

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returfing after olympics 3

12 Comments to “Grass Roots”

  1. geoff3 says:

    I think the grounds people are doing a fantastic job of bringing the park back to it’s former glory.

    Great retouching by the way, but don’t give up your day job!

  2. geoff3 says:

    I think the grounds people are doing a fantastic job of bringing the park back to its former glory.

    Great retouching by the way, but don’t give up your day job!

  3. Daveh48 says:

    I don’t know how true this is….

    I heard from somebody in the park last week that the plan was to re-seed the whole area but after an inspection, saw some people walking around in shiny new day-glow jackets with clip boards etc, the contractors were told the area was too big for seeding and it had to be turfed.

    I dare say seeding was the cheaper option with a better profit margin so somebody must be out of pocket.

    Also I should think there are some fed up pigeons too who were looking forward to a nice meal.

  4. Benedict says:

    Its funny you should mention grass seed because that reminds of a funny story about Mr Ray………what?

  5. Michael says:

    I think you’re being too kind. If they can work to a deadline for installation, they can do the same with re-instatement. Quality should remain the same regardless. I’ll moan less once the path in front of the Queens’ House is re-opened :-)

  6. Capability Bowes says:

    None of our NOGOE “friends” contributed so far? Wow.

    Re-turfing is quicker than re-seeding. And it can be done now (so you dont have mud all winter instead of grass) , instead of waiting for early spring, allowing the turves to root properly over the winter weather. If turves were laid in spring, the grass would be expending its energies in trying to put shoots up at the expense of the root system. And if we had a dry spring it would die. So doing it now is better.

    And of course coverage is better with turves, because you dont get birds feasting on newly sown seeds (which wouldnt germinate properly now anyway as light leves are too low) leaving all sorts of bald patches which then have to be re-seeded by hand.

    Turfing is, of course, more expensive than seeding. Which I suppose goes to show that LOCOG are OK about spending a reasonable sum of money on the repairs to the park.

    So, personally, I’m more than happy.

    (oh, and btw: last picture = squeeeeeee!)

  7. Nelson's Left Eye says:

    A ridiculously small price to pay for having the Olympics and Paralympics on our doorstep, no?

  8. tintinhaddock says:

    Wasn’t the big fuss all about the acid grassland? I think I read somewhere that they were going to turf the ordinary grass and the acid grassland would be reseeded.

  9. Capability Bowes says:

    NOGOE made Big Fuss over every bloody blade of grass in the entire bloody park, let alone the acid stuff.

  10. Michael says:

    I may not have agreed with NOGOE ‘fussing over every blade of grass’ but I think if no one had made a stand then things could have been much worse. So give them a break. At the end of the day they I think it is fair to say we all benefited from the fact there were those for and those against the Olympics.

  11. Good point Michael – in all their various ways everyone who contributed – postively and negatively – managed to create a compromise that worked.

    I re-watched the opening ceremony last night – it’s still awesome.

  12. Capability Bowes says:

    There are right ways and wrong ways to go about making a protest. NOGOE, in their “wisdom”, went about it the wrong way. They were militant, bolshie, obstructive and rude. They alienated people. That is not the way to go about making a protest.