Alphabet of Greenwich (M)

The letter M is an absolute gift in Greenwich. Virtually everything is Maritime, Meantime or Meridian.

So I’m hoping for lots of lovely Greenwich things…

…whether they be Maryon, Marketing or Museum

Morleys, Morden or Moores…

Mercers, Marias or McNabs

….beginning with this most popular of letters.

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Greenwich market 2007
Greenwich market 2007

Morden College sign
Morden College sign

mitre june 2011 low
mitre june 2011 low

meridian line stephen
meridian line stephen


Maze Hill Pottery
Maze Hill Pottery

market sign
market sign

magnetic clock observatory
magnetic clock observatory

magnetic clock observatory
magnetic clock observatory

10 Comments to “Alphabet of Greenwich (M)”

  1. Paul says:

    Meantime Beer… mmmm…

    Queen Mary.. actually came up with some of the dosh for the Naval Hospital. Eventually.

    Montague House, home of the sweaty Caroline of Brunswick.

    …and Henry Moore. Who we all hope gets to stay here.

  2. Stephen says:

    Manor House, Crooms Hill
    Nevil Maskeleyne (astronomer royal)
    Mallard duck
    Anglo Saxon burial mounds
    Queen Mary
    Mary Tudor

  3. Fatty Fatty BumBum says:

    Maidenstone Hill

  4. Benedict says:


  5. Stephen says:

    This one just came to me.

    Thomas Mudge (marine chronometer)

  6. Peter says:

    Millennium Village!

  7. hey yes – I forgot him – and Mr Meow, as well…My excuse was entirely dental-related.

  8. Mary says:

    Its a measure of how pushed I’ve been the last few days that I hadn’t had time to look at my list of Greenwich industries for some Ms…. a quick glance .. gives

    Mowlem – now under Lovells flats but where the Swanage Great Globe was made in the 19th century
    Marsh Lane – what used to be called Riverway, where the Pilot is – now gone more or less
    Maudslay Son and Field – Peninsula shipbuilders in the 19th – about whom I have – er – published quite a bit lately
    Millington family – 18th family with an ironworks and ropeworks near Ballast Quay
    Mollassine – source of smells, dog food maker in Blackwall Lane. Used molasses as a source
    Maceroni – military gent. who built steam cars here in the 19th century
    Merryweathers – fire engine factory in Greenwich High Road – almost every local museum around the world will have their old Merryweather engine on display!!
    Queen Mary – pushing it a bit but a lot of the instrumentation and propellers for the original liner were made locally
    Motorcycles – particularly Matchless – were made – well almost locally

    must be lots more