Joe says:

I enjoy Gerald Dodd’s photos as a fascinating time capsule, but they don’t seem to elicit comments in the same way as some other topics.  Based on the preceding post, may I suggest the following amendment to one of the photos might work:

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basement-of-the-Dreadnought with cat
basement-of-the-Dreadnought with cat

7 Comments to “Addendum…”

  1. Paul says:

    aw! Cute kitty!

  2. capability bowes says:


  3. Benedict says:

    Thats more like it. Reminds me of when our cat Mr Ray (who looks very similar to your cat Tiddles) used to come and meet me on the platform of Greenwich Station, such a calm figure patiently waiting while all around him was chaos. I’ve got lots more Mr Ray stories, which I will slip into the comments section under the guise of them being relevant to…..nothing in particular.

  4. Benedict says:

    I forgot to add that Mr Ray always knew what train either me or Mrs Benedict would be on, which is unfathomably strange, unless, of course he could read Southern rails time-table which would suprise me as the literacy rates in cats is pretty low according to the last cat census….?

  5. Stephanie says:

    Awwwww I want a Mr Ray – or indeed any cat – in my life

  6. Benedict says:

    Thanks Stephanie, infact Mr Ray who was also an exceptionally good ratter got elevated to the peerage for his sterling work in decimating the local rat popultion and became Lord Hammer of Straightsmouth (Hammer being his surname). When we were leaving there was a petition on our street, mainly signed by old ladies, to keep Lord Hammer in Straightsmouth, had Mr Ray known he would have to relinquish his peerage on arrival in Canada, he may not have made the journey quite so readily. (If he read he would have known that, which is why me and Mrs Benedict are starting Cat Literacy Awarness Week, CLAW)

  7. Capability Bowes says:

    Mister PuddyCat obvious been eaking his WeddyBrek for nomnoms because he is all shiny like in the adverts when the likkle boy eat it for his nomnoms and start glowing like he live near Sizewell B.