Sunday Morning Fry Up

Here’s an interesting one since I’m having one of those crowd-sorcery days.

John asks:

I was just wondering if you know of anywhere in the locality that is open on a Sunday morning, early, for a fry up? There are approx 15 of us cycling from Deal to Greenwich overnight this Saturday night and we will be finishing at the Cutty Sark, all tired and hungry at about 0730. If you have any knowledge of where might be open that would be fantastic!

Now the only place I can think of off the top of my head that’s definitely going to be open at that time is the Blackheath Tea Hut (along the A2, on the heath, in between the park gates and Rangers House) , which is open 24 hours a day for tea and simple snacks. Of course it’s open-air – but it is an institution. I mean there aren’t too many tea huts that get their own documentary…

Here’s the trailer for the film Tea Time, which I heartily recommend as a wonderful little indie docco.

But are there others? Jamie’s Diner, perhaps, on Tunnel Avenue (I really hope that the new Jamies Italian isn’t going to kick up a fuss about the name – he was here first…) There are usually bacon sarnies available at Blackheath Farmers’ market but that’s much later.

To my shame, I’m rarely up and active at that hour on a Sunday (blush…)

Of course if you don’t mind waiting until 10.00am, you could get the cable car across the Thames (they fold up the seats for cyclists to get their bikes on) and go to Fat Boy’s Diner, an original 1950s airstream diner located inside Trinity Buoy Wharf a little further up river.

But then by 10.00am you can pretty much take your pick.

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Fat Boys Diner
Fat Boys Diner

14 Comments to “Sunday Morning Fry Up”

  1. Brenda says:

    Does John know about Run to the Beat on Sunday morning and road closures? I have the link to the closures if im able to link it. So they cant be late.

    No idea re cafes – those who work in the Market will know. Or you could ring one up and ask them to. Golden Cafe on Greenwich high Road is a good one.

  2. Oh, god, yes, Brenda, you’re right.

    Why is it that I love the Marathon and utterly despise Run to the effing Beat to the point where I have to stay indoors to stop myself hurling insults at the race officials ?

    I wish someone would start a petition to get the bloomin’ imposition stopped…I’m too apoplectic about it – my blood pressure would suffer if I tried myself. But if anyone else does, I will happily publicise it.

    Yes, John – do check out the road closures:

  3. Franklin says:

    Have a wander over to Darryl@853 – there’s been quite a hoo-haa over Run to the Beat in the past couple of weeks…

    DO try to keep up Phant! ;-)

  4. John says:

    Thanks for the tip off about RttB!!! I had completely forgotten. Looks as though breakfast might be off then as we will need to get out of the area before they shut the roads! Unless anyone has any other ideas?

  5. Chelsea_girl says:

    I know the Vanbrugh pub by Maze Hill station opens early for breakfast. I’m not sure what time but maybe give them a call? You can book a table which is an advantage if there’s lot of you.
    Chapter Two in Blackheath and The Rivington in Greenwich open early but they’re both quite posh.
    There’s also that cafe near the Spanish Galleon. I’m afraid I can’t remember what it’s called but think it opens really early (maybe open all night?). It was closed for refurb not so long ago.
    I’ve never eaten there so no idea what it’s like. Phantom, I’m sure you’ll know where I mean.

  6. Franklin says:

    Unless they’ve changed their opening hours recently, the Vanbrugh’s not open til noon on Sundays, sadly. The cafe near the Spanish Galleon is the Cutty Sark Cafe. They do a great fry-up (an excellent hangover cure, BTW) but I don’t *think* they’re open early on Sundays.

    The Tea Hut’s going to be your best best at 7:30 on a Sunday morning. Hope you like bacon sarnies! Roads don’t close til 09:30 so you shouldn’t have any problems there…

  7. Michael says:

    I wrote to all the local councillors imploring them not to give permission for Run the Beat this year (especially considering all the disruptions of the last 6 months). Only Geoff Brighty had the decency to respond. The others? I assume they just ignored the residents as always.

  8. Noel says:

    Surrey Docks Farm – if you can manage another mile or so up the river. Not sure what time it opens, but they do a really great brunch.

  9. Finsbury says:

    The Organic Cafe opposite the Picturehouse does a fantastic range of breakfast to suit all appetites including a number of veggie options. Not sure what time they open Sunday but very very good.

  10. Armitage Shanks says:

    If you want to find the superlatively best breakfast, follow a construction site foreman at snap time. In Greenwich, their Michelin-starred establishment is Pauls Cafe on Haddo Street. Traditional fry-up is 5*. Bring your own Hi-Vis to blend in.

    Oh Horsefeathers. I bet this place is a Greenwich secret ….

  11. I just saw a sign for Jamie’s Diner (at the ‘industrial end’ of Tunnel Avenue) which says it’s open from 7.00am (might be earlier – I just remember registering that it would be open for the cyclists) every day.

  12. Gemma says:

    Not as original as some of the other suggestions but the wetherspoons breakfast is decent and cheap and I believe it opens at 8am, you could give them a ring?

  13. Ryan says:

    A little birdie told me the Pelton had restarted their Sunday breakfast club….which of course has the bonus of bloody marys all round!

  14. Valoma says:

    Does that b and b in Burney st (37 ?) do a full English ? Someone told me they do if you asked and even if you don’t stay the night.F