Squiffy Nelson

Since it seems to be ‘that sort of day’ on the blog, I’m sending this one out into the ether too.

Lindsey asks:

What’s happened to the statue of Nelson outside The Traf. Tavern?

I live near Greenwich and was walking passed the statue yesterday. As we approached, we could see all the taping and wooden struts holding him up. As we got nearer it was clear that all was not well and his feet had somehow been ripped of its base. Foul play we imagine.  We were joined by an Australian chap and his wife who said they had heard there had been an attempt to remove it for scrap purposes!! How very dare they! We love this statue and Nelson is one of our heroes. Have you heard anything?

The Phantom Replies:

I PROMISE that any attempts to remove Nelson were nothing to do with me, despite my hating it with a passion. Of course it could just be a Nelson-lover who can’t bear to see a statue that looks more like Kermit the frog than a national hero;-)

I haven’t heard that someone tried to nick it and melt it down, but it would be an ideal candidate for thieves since it’s at the end of a cul de sac, with easy vehicluar access and gets pretty quiet at night. This metal-theft thing is getting utterly ridiculous. Two of my three recent long railway journeys have been disrupted/re-routed/cancelled half way through for metal theft and we recently lost dear Alfred Salter a little further up the river.

I’ve never made any secret of my dislike of this statue but clearly there is at least one fan – and there is no excuse for metal theft – something really has to be done and so far the Government has been extremely slow and ineffective at putting in even simple precautions.

One Comment to “Squiffy Nelson”

  1. Jay says:

    Someone at work sent me this link http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article4602328.ece

    For those of you who don’t want to visit the Sun’s website it has a picture of the statue wrapped in tape under the headline “Fix me, Hardy” and claims that
    “yobs tried to steal his statue on Trafalgar Day.”

    I’ve not been able to find this story anywhere else, not even on the NewsHopper website……..