Smoke – An Olympic Peculiar

As longterm readers will know, I am quite a fan of Smoke – A London Peculiar, a now-online-but-used-to-be-proper-print literary magazine. I miss both it and One Eye Grey in their physical form, but hey – I get it. I can hardly snark, since I’m online myself…

Matt, the editor (who has his own Greenwich blog, Beware of the Trees) tells me the Smokers are putting together their latest magnum opus, From The Slopes Of Olympus To The Banks Of The Lea, inspired by London’s response to the Olympics. Matt tells me:

Not all the sporty running and jumping stuff, the other bits, positive and negative – everything from first hearing that we’d beaten Paris through to watching the stadiums being taken down, via the closure of the park, the takeover of Cafe Rouge by the Russian paralympic squad, and the removal of the Oyster card reader from Platform 3 at Greenwich station in case it caused dangerous levels of milling.

They’re currently looking for contributors, and, if past publications are anything to go by, the odder the better. Matt continues:

We’re looking for words, photos, fact, fiction, anything from a single sentence to a short story – but the more oblique and offbeat the better. 

If you’ve got something cool, fun – or just weird – contact Matt at or drop me a line and I’ll pass you on…


One Comment to “Smoke – An Olympic Peculiar”

  1. Thanks very much for that, Phantom! Can I also quickly add that if anyone’s thinking of contributing, they shouldn’t worry too much about the advertised deadline on our website, as it’s not a strict cut-off – just send whatever you’ve got as soon as you can!

    Thank you… Matt