Someone who works for Alcatel has just told me staff have received a message:

“Please be advised there is an ongoing incident close to the Site and Police have advised us to stay in the buildings until advised further.

We will put out another notice when there is an “all clear”. 

Latest in is just rumours but that it was a drugs bust at a house in either Christchurch Way or Mauritius Road. Also rumours that the police had a sniper on the roof of our factory. Makes sense – the police have been doing several raids round here.

Apparently all is clear now. Thanks Oh, Anonymous One…

3 Comments to “Incident?”

  1. pat says:

    I want to know more.

  2. samantha says:

    From my vantage point looking over the Alcatel site , Christchurch way and mauritius Road, I did not see anybody on any roof.
    What I did see was four police vehicles at around 8.45am parked on either side of Christchurch way (between Azof and Mauritius). By 9am they were joined by a further two vehicles and then by at least another two vehicles appaered by 9.10 with flashing lights. Two officers appeared to be talking to one man. There didn’t seem to be alot going on other than police officers dressed in blue uniforms milling around.

  3. Mauritius Resident says:

    glad to hear the police warned the people working in the offices not to come out. I had to walk through a group heavily armed police without so much as an acknowledgement from them, let alone a warning!

    They carted them off, about 5 men, from a house in Mauritius Road. Must have been at least 10 police present, all with big guns. Likely to be a drug raid.