Blackheath Fireworks

Just in case any of you are like me and have been a bit unobservant of late, the Blackheath Fireworks are on Saturday 3rd November this year. As usual, they are free, as usual they’re going to be great fun and as usual, Greenwich Council is being a damp squib and, as far as I can tell, refusing to cough up the comparatively paltry amount it would cost to co-fund the display.

So – once again, Lewisham are left holding the baby and I congratulate them for having the guts to hold out and do something purely for people’s pleasure in a time when things are tough.

They’re holding out the virtual begging bowl (though I really wish they’d include paypal too so I didn’t have to stop everything to find my card details) and, on the night, real collection buckets (though last year I didn’t see any myself so don’t just assume they’ll be there). C’mon folks – it’s got to be worth a tenner.

See you there…


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