The Birds of Greenwich Park

I admit it – I got up today in a very grumpy mood – not least because of the gloomy weather outside. It’s like someone’s flicked the ‘Autumn’ switch since Saturday and suddenly I’m all fed up.

But then I opened an email sent to me by Joe, telling me about his blog, Greenwich Wildlife, and suddenly, for a few moments on a grey, wet, Monday morning, it was Summer again in Phantom Towers. It’s a photography blog, which makes the Phantom’s own Greenwich Wildlife section somewhat redundant and if it slips off-topic very occasionally, I’m not going to moan. It’s nice to be able to put names to butterflies or birds I’ve seen around but known nothing about.

Joe has the great humility to tell me that it’s an ‘amateur’ blog.

Joe – I’ve got news for you – we’re all amateurs. The number of people that can make actual money on blogs is teeny – and that’s usually only if a) it’s a saucy read that sends a sensitive Phantom all hot under the tricorn or b) you write an actual proper, paper book based on it. Now – Joe’s plumped for the latter (though given the history of Greenwich Birds I’m sure there’s room for the former too…), and has co-authored the publication pictured at the top of the post – but he’s fallen down on the whole ‘making money’ bit.

The Birds of Greenwich Park 1996-2011 is FREE.

It’s “an annotated checklist of the birds known to have been recorded in the Park during those years“, and the idea is “to raise awareness amongst local people and officialdom of the wildlife around them and hopefully this will encourage them to then take some steps towards helping it, however small those steps might be.”  Joe points out that sometimes things are lost simply because people didn’t realise they were there.

It’s published by Royal Parks and you can get your sweaty mitts on a copy, free, gratis, for nothing and at no extra charge,  at the Park Office next to the police station.

It might be fun to use it like an ‘I-Spy’ book – see how many you can spot on a walk round the park…

Thank you Joe. My mood has turned from Autumnal glum to crisp anticipation of hot pumpkin soup, brisk park walks, strange fairy toadstools, roasted Greenwich chestnuts and ghost stories round a roaring fire…

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  1. Joe says:

    Hi, thanks for posting this! Very happy it cheered you up today, and reading this cheered me up too :) All the best, Joe.