Parklets Hiding in Plain Sight (3)

Mycenae Road

I have been fascinated by this little corner of land for as long as I’ve realised that it exists. You could be mistaken for assuming that it belongs to Mycenae House or, more probably, Woodlands, and no doubt at some point it did. But this little walled piece of woodland, with its gates just left ajar for walkers or dog owners to slip through (and scrump some blackberries this time of year) is separate to the main buildings.

I am told it’s called The Dell and that it was indeed part of Angerstein’s garden at Woodlands. There was originally a pond there; the outline still exists even though it is dry now. Julian Watson, who told me its name, has never known why it became separated from the garden, whether it happened when LBG acquired Woodlands or whether it was earlier in the days when Woodlands was a convent, though reckons it should be easy to work out by looking at a sequence of maps.

I wonder how it became public – and why…

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mycenae woodlands
mycenae woodlands

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