Dead Ducks

No – not that sort – though Flying Duck Ents. might be gone, they still exist online and rent their Creek Road shop out to others.

No – the sort I’m talking about are the ones that fly up the walls of post-ironic vintage-lovers like me and Capability Bowes, both of whom, I discover today, have the same issue. In fact I have a theory that everyone who owns a set of antique flying ducks has the same issue – neck-snap.

I’ve no idea how my middle duck’s neck broke, though in Mr Bowes’s case it’s rather clearer  - his granny literally didn’t give a flying duck where his granddad had been and threw one of hers at the poor old codger.

Both of us now have anything-but-rare brown-ring-necked ducks, where they’ve been badly repaired, and CB asks – does anyone know a local (or indeed otherwise) specialist china repair service? His may well be more of a restoration job than a repair – his birds (a set of five, mine’s only three) are also missing a wing or two – but hell – they belonged to his gran – and she was clearly one feisty lady…


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  1. Michael says:

    I’ll forward this onto Carolyn & James (Flying duck) and see if they have any suggestions…might be a few days before you get a response because they’re on holiday.