Alphabet of Greenwich – I

So now we reach the letter I. Tougher than I expected.

but not impossible. 

So – you know the drill – anything Greenwich-y beginning with the letter ‘I’

The I’s have it…

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inigo Jones loo
inigo Jones loo

ice rink
ice rink

18 Comments to “Alphabet of Greenwich – I”

  1. capability bowes says:

    Erm….. I believe that I did suggest “Ice House” – the one at the Tarn in SE9. I believe that the Phant was in a bit of a scrubby mood when I suggested it, perhaps that is why it failed to make the cut.

  2. Ha – ‘scrubby mood’ – great way to describe me 99% of the time. I am keen to see the ice house, it’s just ye olde time thing that keeps me from going – and, on occasion, writing this blog properly…

  3. Just remembered ‘Invicta School.’ Should have got that one…

  4. RogerW says:

    Isis Hotel; IndigO2

  5. Richard says:


  6. Stephen says:

    Inigo Jones

  7. Stephen says:

    Oh you said Inigo Jones with the loo.

  8. Stephen says:

    Isle of Dogs

  9. Franklin says:

    The Invidious Inc

    I like the sound of the ‘Isis’ Hotel. Must be an Egyptian-gods-themed joint?

  10. JOF says:

    How about Elizabeth I, born at Greenwich Palace?

  11. RogerW says:

    Indoor Market

  12. RogerW says:

    Ooops. Sorry. Not Isis: Ibis.
    But maybe you can still imagine scenes of ancient Egypt

  13. Geoff says:

    Inc – sadly….

  14. 16" East says:

    Ingleside Grove

  15. capability bowes says:

    erm…. Ice House, phant. I sent you a picture and a potted history.

  16. Mary says:

    If you go to Chester Station – a plaque on the platform stone work says ‘Imperial Stone, East Greenwich’.
    and also
    “Improved Wood Pavement’ on the Peninsula made all this tar soaked wooden blocks they used to put on the roads.

  17. capability bowes says:

    What is “I” about Elizabeth 1st?

  18. Neil Rhind says:

    How about William Innes, the famous Blackheath golfer; Independents Road (alright, so it’s just in Lewisham); and the Isle of Dogs. I was going to add Ingleside Grove but someone beat me to it.