Tough Greenwich Mermaid

I always find the first day back after the August bank holiday really depressing – I guess it’s the whole childhood back-to-school thing – the sun’s still shining gloriously but I’m stuck at my desk with a whole bunch of stuff that I don’t really know how to do. So I thought I’d give you a bit of a teaser so that if, like me, you’re doing anything at all to procrastinate just that little bit longer, you can muse over just where this little bit of Greenwich Art might be.

When I first looked at her, I thought she was wearing battle helmet but now I’m not so sure and I’m thinking old-lady felt hat with feathers with cute 1920s bob. Beneath her, swim three fish; above her shoulder to the left there’s a small shoal.

And that’s all I’m saying for now. I’ll update at midday with an extra clue. Meanwhile – any idea about where she is?


Okay, here’s an expanded photo:

Answers at 3.00pm

UPDATE – earlier than it should be thanks to school-phantom-error, pointed out by Benedict…

It’s actually on the Azof Street side of that extraordinary Victorian confection, Rothbury Hall, and I’m guessing it’s the work of the resident arts group, Emergency Exit, about whom I know less than I should.

A little while ago, the Rothbury Hall Trust, part of the Heritage of London Trust, was given some money to restore one of the windows, and there was talk of the trust buying the building to secure its future (and, I presume, release some cash for Greenwich Council). I have been promised news on that (looking forward to hearing from you, Bob) and I promise to pass on all the news that’s fit to print when I get it…

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Rothbury Hall
Rothbury Hall

Tought Greenwich mermaid
Tought Greenwich mermaid

tough mermaid
tough mermaid

6 Comments to “Tough Greenwich Mermaid”

  1. Nick says:

    Looks a bit like the area around the old Greenwich Baths in Trafalgar Road ?

  2. Benedict says:

    Phantom, a schoolboy error has left a whopping clue above…….

  3. Chris says:

    Benedict, I saw but wasn’t going to tell!!

  4. Benedict says:

    sorry Chris, I’m a tad excitable…..

  5. RogerW says:

    This morning, after dropping a motorbike in for a service at Peterbilt Close, I set myself a long walk home (back to SE9), partly out of being too tight to want to pay for public transport, and the other part from not even having the first idea of what buses or trains I would have needed for my journey.
    As a happy result, I passed this very building.
    I was able to match it to your pictures as soon as I saw it. However, for all of my efforts, I was unable to see this particular door :(

  6. Carol says:

    Only just seen this teaser, but the door is actually on the Mauritius Street side of Rothbury Hall and it is the entrance to an arts organisation called ‘Stream’ who share the building with Emergency Exit Arts. Th sounds a bit know-all-ish, sorry.