Things Seen

First of all, I notice we’ve been downgraded from AVOID THE AREA to POSS DELAYS. That’s progress.

In other news, parts of the park are open again – the flower garden, cricket field and rose garden, I believe.

I managed, yet again, to take my bike out yesterday afternoon just at the point when 30,000 people (generally happy, even the ones in orange shirts) were leaving the park. 30,000 people or not, I have discovered there is no easy way to go from east to west on a bicycle (or, indeed, otherwise) just now – I’ve tried different routes and always managed to get into even deeper trouble than the last time, though west to east is easier.* Ah, well. At least it’s fun.

For example, the art:

I was going to do a close-up but actually it’s best at this distance; up close you realise it’s papier mache or similar. In case you’re wondering, this is what it is:

…part of a set. Collect ‘em all…

By far my favourite sight yesterday, though, was this chap. Do click on him to read his poster. I’m told he is a celebrity weirdo:

To be honest, you need the music for the full effect. He was jigging, veeeeery slowly, to recorded diddly-diddly accordian music. Here’s the other side of his banner (and indeed, himself…)

All human life is here, folks. And isn’t it great?

*One fab thing I have discovered is that if you take a bike on a cable car, you get a podule to yourself, even on a really busy weekend. RESULT. In case you’re worried about the grease on the seats, as I did (I’m a tidy Phantom) they fold the bench up and you can strap your cycle to the seat. It’s that easy. I just love the cable car.

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crazy olympic busker 2 low
crazy olympic busker 2 low

crazy olympic busker 1 low
crazy olympic busker 1 low

Olympic shot put 2 low
Olympic shot put 2 low

Olympic shot put low
Olympic shot put low

Olympic sign low
Olympic sign low

17 Comments to “Things Seen”

  1. Conejo says:

    Looks like the person who mugged the Brazilian marathon runner in Athens 2004.

  2. Mike says:

    It’s the guy who attacked Vanderlei de Lima in the Athens Olympic marathon.

  3. Mike says:

    Just found his Wikipedia entry:

    Let’s hope he has nothing planned for the Olympics.

  4. Blimey – I’ll put the link inthe post. I notice he’s appeared at Woolwich Crown Court…

    We really do attract some oddities, don’t we…

  5. richstories says:

    When I passed him (Monday pm ) his placard said something like “sack all mayors” – he was being surveyed at a distance by two unarmed police officers from the tactical charm squad.

  6. RogerW says:



    In a creative mood today, are we?

  7. Aw, c’mon, it’s a GREAT word…

  8. Steve says:

    I like eccentrics but he is a dangerous menace. I think he should be given one of those Olympic restraining orders to keep him away from any Olympic venues.

  9. Capability Bowes says:

    Forgive my pedantry, but shouldnt it be “shot PUTT”????

  10. Adam says:

    @Capability Bowes. Nope, it’s shot put, with one t.

  11. JOF says:

    Er, if you’re riding a cable car, aren’t you just in a car?

  12. Nah, podule every time for me…

  13. Capability Bowes says:

    @ Adam:

    The UKA (UK Athletics) which is the governing body of the sport says “Shot Putt”. With 2 Ts.

    UK Sports Association says “shot putt”. With 2 Ts

    England Athletics (professional association for coaches) says “Shot putt”. With 2 Ts.

  14. Robert Number 16 says:

    THINGS SEEN. In “Alphabet of Greenwich” Just seen Roger W ‘ s vile little comment . All best wishes to the rest of you ,goodbye.

  15. RogerW says:

    Sorry Robert, I really hadn’t meant my comment in any nasty sort of way, honest.
    You’re the last person here I’d want to offend, as I count you as one of the local characters.
    There was someone who had once suggested you were a bit of a self-publicist. I didn’t like that as I actually find it entertaining that you are. I meant my comment as nothing more than a good-hearted cue for you to do what you do so well.
    Apologies for any misunderstanding

  16. Robert Number 16 says:

    Thank you for message above ,and for coming to see me.

  17. RogerW says:

    No problem: after the mix-up it was the least I could do.
    I’m sure Robert is much too bashful to mention it, himself, but I gather he has a new role with a show on Meridian Radio.
    Apparently, his first show starts today (Thursday 9 Aug).
    All best wishes for its success