Alphabet of Greenwich – H

We haven’t had one of these for ages and since it’s the bank holiday this weekend and Phantomising will be minimal, ┬álet’s have a bit of fun.

You know the drill.

As many Greenwich things…

….beginning with the letter H…

…that we can come up with together.

Happy Holiday, folks…



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chris roberts
chris roberts

Ha Ha low
Ha Ha low

Heart 2 low
Heart 2 low

Henry armour 1 low
Henry armour 1 low

hornfair low
hornfair low

hospital dome low
hospital dome low

HUmber road shops low
HUmber road shops low

HMS Ocean 4 low
HMS Ocean 4 low

harbourmasters office low
harbourmasters office low

16 Comments to “Alphabet of Greenwich – H”

  1. Kate says:

    I was lucky enough to have an office in the Halstow Garage, the low building in the Humber Road photo. Somewhere I have a photo of the original building that I will send you.

  2. JOF says:

    How about the Heath, Hyde Vale and, without having visited it, the Hare and Billet.

  3. RogerW says:

    Horatio Nelson (next to the Trafalgar); The Hoy (as was); horses

  4. Capability Bowes says:

    @ RogerW: Please dont mention horses; you are likely to upset the NOGOE people.

    Forgive my stupidity but H for Chris Roberts? Unless its H for His Holiness (or possibly Halfwit) I don’t see the connection. Perhaps someone could shine a light into my darkness?

  5. Capability Bowes says:

    ooooh ooooh:

    Herb Garden (in the park, down by the lower gates)

    Herbaceous Border (longest one in the UK (or was until part of it was grubbed up to make way for the new museum extension) along the bottom wall of the park)

    Hostel (formerly known as the Greenwich Playhouse)

  6. Chris says:

    Horse trough (at Ha-Ha Road).

    House (at Charlton)….

  7. Nick says:

    How about Mr Halley, the 2nd Astronomer Royal ? The man who computed the orbit of the comet that bears his name.

  8. scared of chives says:

    ‘Having a crap with his suit on’

    Chris Roberts, that is

  9. Mary says:

    Ah – Greenwich industries

    Harvey’s (was s Chsrlton based Holes in metals firm|)

    Halloween (cutty sark’s Greenwich built sister)

    Hills, Frank – Greenwich millionaire 19th century chemist – one of my main research topics

    Horehound Brewery – was in Eastney Street

    Hatcliffe Charity – with almshouses in Tuskar Street

    Horn Lane

    Horniman Museum – yes it store is in Blackwall Lane!!

    Hawksmoor – built St.Alpheges

    Hartwell House – flats in Charlton

  10. Chris says:

    Posted earlier but something was obviously amiss.


    Horse Trough (Ha-Ha Road).

    House (Charlton)…..

  11. RogerW says:

    Hmmm. I think I like this game.
    A photo of Chris Roberts appears under every letter, and presumably the aim is to think of the most appropriate word for him that begins with that letter…

    (Ummm. Might get difficult when it gets to Z)

  12. RogerW says:

    @Capability Bowes.
    So are you suggesting that the Herbaceous Border is now staying at the Hostel???

  13. Jemma says:

    1st is The Harbour Master’s House – some info below. I didn’t realise they hired out the basement for holiday lets!

    The Harbour Master’s House is a Grade II listed building built in 1855 by George Smith. It comprises half of the Harbour Master’s Office, an impressive brick building with stone dressing, featured in Lord Snowden’s (1999) London: Sight Unseen (published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson). The Office was the centre of control for the collier traffic on the Thames until 1890. The basement flat of the Harbour Master’s House is completely self-contained with its own entrance, and is newly refurbished. It was awarded a 4-star rating by the English Tourism Council. The Harbour Master’s Office is on the corner of Ballast Quay, an attractive riverside enclave within easy walking distance of historic Greenwich.

  14. Capability Bowes says:

    @ RogerW: eh?

  15. Vahid says:

    In the meantime, is it the Greenwich Mean Time halving Chris’s piccie? LOL…

  16. RogerW says:

    Border: someone who stays at a bording house