Alphabet of Greenwich – G

Thought I’d take a bit of a break from the Olympics today, though of course ‘Games’ should be in there somewhere.

Theoretically ‘G’ should be the easiest – so nothing beginning with ‘Greenwich…’ eh.

Still should be plenty of Greenwichy Gs though (Gee-gees?)

So, some Gs please…

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Maria GBall hughes cigarett card low
Maria GBall hughes cigarett card low

Beer small
Beer small

Giant steps
Giant steps

Gen Wolfe stained glass
Gen Wolfe stained glass

gazebo 3 low
gazebo 3 low

10 Comments to “Alphabet of Greenwich – G”

  1. Mary says:

    Granite Wharf – now part of Lovells
    Great Globe at Swanage – made in Greenwich
    Gas holder – may be largest in the world
    Giralda – multi prize winning barge made in Greenwich
    Government Gunpowder works – 17th century this was at Enderbys
    George Livesey – built the gasworks
    Griegs Wharf – was on the Peninsula
    Global telecommunications – thank you, Telcon.
    George Landmann – built London’s earliest railway – to Greenwich
    Genesta, Gwynronald, Gerty – more Greenwich built barges
    Ghost of George Livesey – said to haunt the Dome
    Glass works – in Charlton, biggest in Europe
    could go on, better stop

  2. Sailor Saucy says:

    Well, it’s got to be Goddard’s for me…

  3. Frankln says:

    Surely ‘G’ in the Greenwich Alphabet should be like row 13 on an airplane? ;-)

  4. stephen says:

    General Wolfe aka Greenwich Phantom

  5. RogerW says:

    Wot!? No reply from the bloke at No. 16, saying “Meeee!” !?

  6. RogerW says:

    Greenwich Theatre; Glenda Jackson (on stage and in film roles); The Go-Between

  7. Pat says:

    Gibson Street.
    General Wolfe Road.

  8. RogerW says:

    The Guildford

  9. tintinhaddock says:

    The Gloucester.

  10. Pat says:

    Greenwich Park Street