Will Do Better

Huzzah – I am wrong, wrong, wrong. I am delighted to have been put right about the last post – the gates are indeed temporary and we WILL get something grander.

I have indeed missed much.

It’s always embarrassing to be wrong, but on this I am really pleased to be so. Thank you Mat and James.

The Phantom blushes.

5 Comments to “Will Do Better”

  1. Franklin says:

    I’m quite surprised that you missed all the debate about this – some of it rather acrimonious and of course Olympics-related – back in Jan/Feb when the planning application was being discussed!

  2. To be honest, Franklin I have missed much in the last six months.

  3. Franklin says:

    That may be true, but it certainly didn’t seem so to this humble reader!

    But one thing is clear: you’ve BEEN missed much in the last seven weeks!

    So glad you’re back! And welcome to the Thunder Dome! ;-)

  4. Aw gee.

    Thing is, being away from the hurly burly (in the old fashioned sense, rather than the burlesque variety) has made me realise what a weird place Greenwich is. Admittedly it’s strange times, but walking around today I felt as though I’ve just moved here or something. It’s very, very easy to get out of touch…

  5. Frankln says:

    Temporary sense of dislocation. We all feel the same. Makes you realise how central the Park is to all our lives. When you can’t promenade in front of the Queen’s House in the dying rays of a summer evening, or make the slow reflective trudge up One Tree Hill, it just feels… weird. To say nothing of seeing our good boys and girls in uniform doing guard duty at every gate. Feels like 1940, but in technicolour.

    Give it three weeks, and existential reality will reassert itself in our daily routines with the full force of its lived-in glory.