Existing CPZ

Folks – I hadn’t noticed this in Greenwich Time and I’m willing to bet few other people have either because it was in the middle of an article telling people to arrange their parking vouchers – and time-poor people who had already booked their vouchers probably just skimmed it.

But Stuart noticed it and it is a bit rubbish. Basically if you’ve received visitor vouchers that say ‘Existing CPZ’, they are not valid. This is because there was a printing error and each voucher should have the relevant area printed on it. Replacements were supposed to have arrived Wednesday (25th), but apparently the earliest they will arrive is tomorrow (Saturday).

Parking restrictions come into force today.

Stuart called Greenwich parking services. He says “they have told me that warnings only will be issued until Monday so Sat/Sun visitors should be OK. After Sun its penalty notices all round.”

I’ve just looked on the website and you can use the incorrectly-issued vouchers until Monday. Let’s hope everyone who received wrong tickets actually receives replacements tomorrow and doesn’t just assume that the ones they’ve got are okay…


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  1. Andy says:

    Large thread on this over at http://www.greenwich.co.uk/news/08371-olympic-parking-permit-website-goes-live/

    I’ll copy my last comment here:

    I had a chat with a parking attendant just now. He said they are all being updated daily with what to do.

    They know the permits are incorrect but are being told that the old ones are valid until they know new ones have been distributed.

    He said the Warnings will be there as a reminder to put your new permit in as soon as you get them. They know not everyone will receive them all at the same time.

    So at least one of the ground troops knows the situation – he was quite a pleasant chap actually!

  2. Hooray for common sense. I believe this is a LOCOG issue rather than a council one – when I first applied the website told me I didn’t live in a restricted zone (which made me wonder what I’d been forking out for permits for years for)so I called through to a central office in Scotland where the very nice lady admitted they were in a right old pickle…

  3. Michael says:

    Interesting as when my neighbour chased up her missing vouchers, she was told none of this and that her vouchers must have been lost in the post!

  4. Darren says:

    A visitor of mine has had a ticket whilst using the guest passes, I was completely puzzled as to why, this now explains all.


  5. Andy says:

    Do you mean the newer (if incorrectly printed) guest permit?

    As far as I’ve been told these should also be ok until the new ones are re-issued. You should be able to challenge it.

  6. Franklin says:


    Was your visitor using a ‘normal’ RBG visitors’ permit? And was this today? In which case I’m afraid it’s a fair cop – these are not valid for the period 27 July – 9 August.

    But if they were using the LOCOG-issued Olympics-period visitors’ permit, albeit one with ‘Existing CPZ’, they should most certainly NOT pay the fine as these are supposed to be valid until the replacement Olympics-period visitors’ permits are sent out.

  7. Geoff says:

    I phoned the “helpline” yesterday and was informed that as the correct W passes will be issued to all by Saturday, then the CPZ passes will expire on Monday morning and the correct W pass must be displayed by then, otherwise a ticket will be issued (a fine, rather than a warning). Obviously they couldn’t answer my question around what would happen if the new W pass is not received by Saturday – that would have to be dealt with by LOCOG…….

  8. Andy says:

    Geoff, I was told by the warden that even come Monday they’d only be issuing warnings.

    As usual there’s conflicting stories from every one you ask!

  9. Maggie says:

    My parking tickets haven’t arrived either. Nice lady in Greenock says they’ll be in the post tomorrow. Lucky I can park in my front. Must remember not to creep outside…

  10. Steve says:

    I parked next to Greenwich Park today using one of the erroneous visitor “Existing CPZ” permits. No ticket received and a warden I spoke to said they were turning a “blind eye” to the inorrect ones until Monday.

  11. margo says:

    Monday now, still waiting for correct parking permits. Decided I will use the incorrect ones if I do not receive the amended ones to hell with them. Their responsibility not mine – wouldn’t have known about their stupid mistake if I hadn’t read a local newspaper.

  12. Yup – still waiting for mine too.

  13. matt says:

    July 31st – still nothing. If you ring them on 0300 777 2012 they will give you a number to write down and place in your window. Bit retro, but if it prevents my visitors motors getting towed then so be it…