Empty Market

Glad to see that BBC London have picked up on the rubbish way Greenwich has been laid out for visitors. True – they can get very easily from the station to the venue without real bother, and I guess that’s an achoevement of sorts – but the flip side is that they don’t have to come in contact with Greenwich itself at all.

It’s hardly surprising with whopping great barriers like this that no one’s going to the market – if they know there’s a market/ interesting shops there at all they’ll probably assume it’s all closed or something, especially with the cheery foam-handed stewards waving them through in a ‘nothing to see here’ kind of way.

I can’t say it’s a bad atmosphere – even spectacularly failing yesterday by taking my bike into town at 5.30pm (I know, whatever was I thinking) I was surrounded by happy people (both spectators and volunteers) who had spent all day in the sun and by rights should be grumpy by that point. In fact it’s an excellent atmosphere – it’s just damn hard to get to the market even if you’re actively trying.

I’m willing to bet that a large proportion of event goers didn’t even know about the market. So we need to make a fuss, make a visit and dig into our pockets, folks.

On a similar thread, I’ve been down the past couple of days planning to eat out locally at least a few times over the ‘Lympic period (in the places that haven’t raised their prices, natch) and I have to say that yesterday evening absolutely everywhere was full, even the places I wouldn’t piss on if they were burning, but I suspect that once the Equestrian events are over the tumbleweed may blow back in if us locals don’t get out and at least have a go.

So, I’m collecting a list of places that haven’t put up prices. I know Inside haven’t, and Kum Luang (where I ended up last night because I’d thought they were empty only to find them as full as everywhere else) but where else hasn’t put prices up?

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12 Comments to “Empty Market”

  1. tintinhaddock says:

    Just got back from getting my hair cut at Bond’s. Baba’s next door are going ape because none of the passing pedestrians can cross the road because of the barriers.

  2. Kate says:

    The one negative I have spotted recently and have actually heard talk of is that people are being so forcefully ‘herded’ by Games ‘Helpers’ to the venues as they exit Greenwich Station that they are overlooking the local shops. I particularly noticed this by the parade of shops on Greenwich South Street by the station where the giant blockades do their best to deter anyone brave enough to cross the road. I also heard today that the business on that side of the road has been particularly poor as people are actually being told not to stray from the designated routes (i.e the other side of the road) on their way to the venues. How is this helping local independent businesses (Burt and Betties/Stitches and Daughters/Babas etc) when the increase in games visitors are being prevented from using the local shops and facilities?

  3. Kate says:

    Sorry Tintinhaddock your comment didn’t show up on my screen but indeed, it appears I wasn’t the only one to have noticed this tactic by LOCOG.

  4. stephen says:

    There was a report about it in BBC local news at 6.30pm today.

  5. Nathan says:

    We took some friends on Saturday who stayed over from watching the opening ceremony at ORNC. They hadn’t been before. Was amazed how quiet it was – far more so than a normal Saturday. Very disappointing for the traders. Looks like the LOCOG have listended, barriers are supposed to come down tonight apparently.

  6. Matt says:

    The barriers in the temporary pedestrian area are now gone, and the ‘Games Makers’ are pointing their big purple foamy hands into the market, as well as to the previous route. It doesn’t seem to be generating too much extra business in the shops or stalls there yet. But tbh when I went to watch the archery at Lords and the table tennis at the Excel earlier in the week I wasn’t pining to buy a handbag, an old vinyl, or a budweiser can shaped into an ash tray on my visit. Wishful thinking on part of the traders methinks. dread to think how many unsold toy red buses are clogging up he storerooms of the news agents…

  7. Chris K says:

    The Plume of Feathers have not raised their prices. Closest to Park but Restaurant not full.

  8. 16" East says:

    Just got an email circular from a local estate agents called Conran Estates to explain what is happening, and to promote the town centre retailers and get folk back into town.

    Shows that some businesses are trying to highlight the issue and to rally people back into the town centre to support the other shops, restaurants etc all around them.

    Bit of solidarity is just what we need! Good on them and shame on LOCOG!

  9. Robin says:

    I too spoke to the livid lady at Baba’s. She and the Junk Shop and the Creaky Shed were apparently all asked to remove their wares (tables, veggies and er, junk) from the street. Despite the shops not being on the route between the station and the park. They all refused.

  10. Patrick says:

    Have been avoiding Greenwich since the games began. Whose idea was the ugly barriers? Not only do they prevent people from enjoying the town centre, but they look so ugly.

  11. richard says:

    the Guildford is still providing good food at the same price (as is Inside where the equestrian riders seem to favour)and with the sunshine heading our way again their garden is a good place to sample both food and wine.