All I Need Is a Tall Ship…

…and for it not to turn around before I get to see it.

So today, I joined a whole bunch of excited people waiting for the Tall Ship Flotilla to come by. Some people had really gone for the big camera gear and the tripods and the flasks and turned up bloomin’ early (nobody really seemed sure when the vessels were arriving) but in the end the kit that came in most handy was a bike.

I’m not really sure why I didn’t take my bike out today – I’d planned a walk to reaquaint myself with Greenwich as she has never been before – but after the flotilla came round the top of the Peninsula, took one look at Greenwich and shot back again, I really wished¬†that I’d done what Roger had done.

He hopped onto his bike and followed them back downstream to Woolwich, where he got these pics.

Not really sure why they didn’t make it all the way – I’m guessing the trip was taking too long.

Still, they are going to be plying their way up and down for a couple of weeks, taking well-heeled people on trips, so we might catch glimpses of them. Just not all together.

By the way Рis anyone going on one of the Thames Tall Ship Cruises? I really like the idea of it but £59 just seems a bit steep, even if I was to use the code Greenwich2012 (which is in Greenwich Time) to get a free drink.

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tall ships flotilla july 2012 roger 4 jpg
tall ships flotilla july 2012 roger 4 jpg

tall ships flotilla july 2012 roger 3 jpg
tall ships flotilla july 2012 roger 3 jpg

tall ships flotilla july 2012 roger 2
tall ships flotilla july 2012 roger 2

tall ships flotilla july 2012 roger
tall ships flotilla july 2012 roger

7 Comments to “All I Need Is a Tall Ship…”

  1. Barbara says:

    Ah Phanty you should have come down to the Barrier, they had ice creams as well!

  2. Marion wilcock says:

    Not all the people on the boats today were well heeled. For most of us it was the chance of a trip of a life time. A one off special event. You may have been disappointed, but not so much of those of us on the boats expecting as promised a majestic sailing of tall ships with a flotilla of small boats into Greenwich. Instead, without warning, apology or explanation the boats turned round and trailed back to Woolwich.

  3. IslandDweller says:

    I would not pretend to be a twitter expert, but yesterday I discovered the Port of London Authority feed. It has useful stuff about river activities, and that alerted me that the flotilla would turn by Blackwall, so I was able to jump on a Boris bike at Island Gardens and zoom up the Isle of Dogs and get a good view.
    Their feed is

  4. Janet Gyford says:

    Hi, thanks for putting this fiasco online, it seems to have been having a low profile !

    To add insult to injury, we were told by the officials at Woolwich when we got there (too late) that the turn-round had been because the harbourmaster had banned the fleet from coming further, because there were too many of them to turn round.

    We and everyone else, and all the web sites, knew how many (about 16 boats) days and days before. So how come he didn’t ? Or if he did, how come his ban wasn’t passed on to everyone, including the web sites, the newspapers, local radio etc etc days before. And how come the large crowd of tourists, visitors, children, coach parties etc were not at least told when they arrived at Greenwich ?

    As an English person I was downright embarrassed and upset for the overseas visitors who were there. Some spent the whole of a precious day of their visit there. They must have thought that if we can make such a terrific mess of a few boats sailing up the river, how can we organise the Olympics ?

  5. Otter says:

    Meanwhile fourteen of them snoozing gently off Woolwich this morning.

  6. Margaret Mills says:

    Sooooo disappointed after leaving home at 8.30am and travelling to Greenwich, securing a vantage point and waiting. The jobsworth of a harbourmaster needs shooting! The number of tall ships and their size and the depth and width of the river are all details that he should have known and any change to the publicised arrangements should have been made known weeks ago. What an embarressment, What sort of message does this send out to all our visitors. Bun fights and bakeries springs to mind. An apology and explanation from the PLA is needed as a common courtesy for tall the disappointment

  7. RogerW says:

    Ah… but there’s another irony. Although there are references here to over a dozen boats, the number of actual ‘tall ships’ that ventured further upriver than the barrier, was no more than four.
    That’s right. Four.