The Incredible Edible Monarch

Ever bought a raffle ticket without actually working out what you’d do with the prize if you won it? Yup, me too. I guess the difference between me and Sophie is that while I never did win that yacht, Sophie did win an extraordinary bust of Her Majesty the Queen – made out of cake.

I knew exactly what she was talking about when I got the email this evening, as I’d already admired it in Greenwich market today. Natasha from No Cakes Better was displaying her incredible decorating skills with this life-size bust of Her Maj – and raffling it for Cancer Research.

And it is utterly amazing – just look at the detail on the crown:

or the bust’s bust:

The entire cake is edible – the base is fruit cake and the head is rice crispie cake covered with chocolate; there is a cake stand supporting her through the centre and some wires in the tiara.

Sophie bought a ticket, more to support the charity than anything, and was delighted to win – but with the best will in the world she’s never going to work her way through all that cake even if it is a long bank holiday.

So she’s looking for a suitable home for this work of art. Perhaps as a street party centrepiece or a talking (and eating) point at a fete. Ideally she’d like someone to make a nice, generous donation to Cancer Research, but if there’s a nursing home or a shelter that could put Liz to a nice Jubilee use with the reverence she deserves, that’s fine too.

She does warn that “Whoever gives Liz a home would need to collect her from us in SE10 as she weighs a ton and we don’t have a car. She is currently in residence in a sturdy carboard box.”

If you’re interested, drop me a line and I’ll pass you straight on…

See – I said I’d only post if something extraordinary turned up…

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One Comment to “The Incredible Edible Monarch”

  1. Benedict says:

    Wow! She would look amazing at our “Best Dressed Queen party” (interpret loosely) although shipping to Canada in 24hrs could be a tad tricky.
    Enjoy all the festivities!