Pun-Free Jubilee Headline

I’ve had a lot of questions about the Jubilee celebrations in Greenwich and, not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I’ve been directing people to the council websites’s Jubilee Page and it’s worth reading to the bottom to find out the answer to Pat’s question:

I read that the Bank Holiday celebrations in RNC will end with the opportunity to see the flotilla on the Thames which sounds very exciting!

BUT on the official flotilla website it would appear that the ships/boats will not be coming down as far as Greenwich terminating at Tower Bridge, I think.

Any idea what we might hope to see down here in dear old Greenwich?

Pat’s right – the official flotilla will terminate at Tower Bridge, but some of the ships will continue down to Greenwich, including that nutty floating belfry:

“The elements of the flotilla reaching Greenwich will be led by the belfry barge and will be made up by the Gloriana rowed barge, 10 rowing boats on their way to London Yard, 55 sea cadet boats going to Greenwich Yacht Club, 250 historic, recreational and working squadrons, 8 herald music boats, 10 Thames Clippers going to Greenwich Pier.”

So if you don’t want to brave temperatures of 11° and twenty-deep crowds in town, it could well be worth going to Greenwich around 5.00pm for an hour’s worth of ships going by (thought don’t bother going to the official pageant website for more information as the council site suggests; there’s nothing there at all) on their way home – I’m assuming a fair few of them will have left their kit at the various rowing/boating/yachting clubs around here.

Happy Jubilee-ing!


2 Comments to “Pun-Free Jubilee Headline”

  1. Dazza says:

    Also worth mentioning that we won’t get any music as they stop playing (after 4 hours!!) at Tower Bridge. But just as a teaser ‘Gloriana’ and crew (read Celeb rowers) will be disembarking at Greenwich Pier.
    Just hope the rain holds of for a couple of hours. Although not looking good on that…… :-(

  2. Grendel says:

    dont forget a lot of the boats will be returning to dock at the West India Docks after the event. one from the norfolk broads has a live webcam feed on the day here:- http://www.thamespageantlive.com/watch-live/