Specs at the Ready…

If you’re wondering what all those queues of people squinting at lamp posts are going to be doing over the next few days it will probably be trying to read the small print on this lot – the parking arrangements for Greenwich during the Olympics. Methers noticed this going up today, so presumably they’re going to be on a lamp post near you soon.

I guess it’s saving paper, just sticking up a few notices around the place, rather than putting leaflets through doors, but I reckon there’s going to be a few cases of eye-strain here – though of course you can visit www.royalgreenwich.gov.uk/2012gamesparking for the full monty (and no, don’t get excited, that’s not Chris Roberts getting his kit off…)

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parking arrangments
parking arrangments

10 Comments to “Specs at the Ready…”

  1. BobbyT says:

    The plans would seem to indicate they have missed out the whole Charlton slopes area. On the original drawings these streets were marked as being already a permit zone – which they aren’t. I fear trouble ahead…

  2. Chris says:

    Yeah, no mention of Charlton slopes at all, apart from the C area already in existence (which I am in).

    So I guess it’ll be a free-for-all up there.

    We’ll have to keep it a secret because driving to Charlton, and then jumping on a 486 in the Village would be a handy way of getting to the Dome.

  3. John says:

    “The general effect of the Orders would be to give parking priority to residents and local businesses in all areas within the Royal Borough of Greenwich affected by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, by discouraging spectators from parking in the vicinity of the venues being used for the Games.”

    I bet the games ‘family’ (sponsors & media) don’t have any problems parking.

  4. BoneyBoy says:

    The notice is, I believe, for a new temporary “Extended Parking Zone” covering areas not in existing CPZ.

    There’s an official notice in this week’s Greenwich Time for changes to arrangements within existing CPZs. I live in “Charlton Slopes” area, and contacted the Council about games parking plans. I was assured that
    1) “Free” parking spaces in Charlton CPZ will be converted to residents only parking during games.
    2)Existing residents only parking will be extended to seven days a week for the duration of the games.
    3) Residents with cars will get free permits to be issued by LOCOG, and all residents will be entitled to apply for visitors permits.

    I think the Council’s communications on this have to date been very poor. Even this week’s Greenwich time has a poorly explained map on one page, and a more detailed legal notice on a later page.

  5. Chris says:

    Thanks for that Boney, belay my comments above then!

    Still a bit of a palaver to get windscreen discs (is that how they’re doing it) to all the people living in the ‘event areas’.

  6. BoneyBoy says:

    It should be the Council explaining this, to everyone, but my understanding is that applications for permits will at some time be available by phone, post or on line from LOCOG. Eligability for permits is I think likely to be checked against DVLA records. My interpretation of the Notice is that there will be an electronic list of vehicles permitted to park and so, perhaps, no need for a printed residents permit, although I think these will be available, and personally, I would feel more assured to have a printed permit to display.

    Last week I was told by a leading Councillor that information would be going out to residents “as soon as possible”. I don’t think whats in Greenwich Time this week does this well enough or soon enough.

  7. Michael Kaye says:

    Maybe they should have introduced parking restrictions as soon as the works started…that way all the parking round my way wouldn’t be filled with cars of those working at the Circus Field park sites.

  8. P & D says:

    With only 57 days to go before the opening ceremony we are only just being notified (poorly) about how we going to get permits to park outside of our own houses?

    Cut them some slack guys and girls. They’ve only had 7 years to get organised and put a plan in to effect……

    Sprint finish and all that.

  9. BoneyBoy says:

    I received information from the Council through the post today,(1st June) though it tells us that LOCOG will be sending a “parking pack” to everyone likely to be affected at some unspecified date. There will be a LOCOG web site to check eligability for permits, but this won’t be available until 11th June.
    LOCOG and the Council have left it very late to finalise these arrangements and it doesn’t leave much time to sort out any problems which may crop up.

  10. Darren says:

    Got the pack through the door yesterday seems fairly simple, no change to the current permit I have and I only need to take action if I want visitors permits.

    I can get the permits for free online, still 6 weeks until the games. Seems like plenty of time to me