RIP Greenwich Woodworks

Liz asks:

Any idea what happened to Greenwich Woodworks? I see the warehouse in Friendly Place is for sale and they’ve stopped trading but was wondering what the story was.

TGP replies:

Sadly high-end joinery company Greenwich Woodworks died at the beginning of the year. I don’t know the exact details, but I’m guessing it’s yet another victim of the current financial climate.

I confess I was quite surprised at their demise as I’d assumed the really established, top-level companies do seem to be weathering the storm slightly better than newer companies as the sort of customers they attract tend to be less affected – if you’ve got a job (or alternate income), no mortgage or an old tracker then things aren’t nearly as bad as if you’ve got no job and are renting or have a fixed mortgage, and Greenwich Woodworks came with such a very high reputation.

But that’s not to say that even wealthy people aren’t cutting a few corners and luxuries like new posh curtains, carpets – and kitchens – are being put on hold, or being created in other ways.

I know from at least two local carpenters I’ve spoken to that a regular wheeze for people who loved GW’s kitchens but couldn’t afford the hefty price tag was to go and view Greenwich Woodworks’ designs and styles at Friendly Place, then get a local joiner to quietly copy it or do something similar for a fraction of the cost. And if enough people do that, add them to the people who’ve decided to live with the kitchen they already have, the people who aren’t moving house just now and the folks that have just gone for one of the cheaper kitchen firms after all and that’s a lot of non-orders for Greenwich Woodworks.

I suspect that estate agents will still boast a Greenwich Woodworks kitchen in the ads for for some time – if you’ve got one, you’ve made an investment (and need to hope that it’s classic enough not to look like it was done before last Christmas in five years time – if, indeed, you care about such things, which I suspect most GW customers probably do…)

Although I’m not sure what happened to the owners of the company, I can tell you about a new one born from the ashes of Greenwich Woodworks. Two of the guys who worked for GW, joiner Salve D’Acunto and fitter/surveyor Tony DiStefano, finding themselves out of work, have ┬ástarted SA Services, Carpentry and Joinery (no prizes for guessing the origin of the name…)

Their workshop is at 1 Dacre Place, Blackheath where, Tony tells me, “the high end quality still continues in any kind of carpentry and joinery – but cheaper“.

I’m not listing them in Trusted Tradesmen – yet – because I need to know what you lot think, so do let me know if you get them in to do a job and they’re fabulous, but given they worked for the kitchen company in the area, I suspect they’ll be joining the hallowed pages of TT soon.


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  1. Presumably nothing to do with (London E16)
    but it does appear to be which gives its address as Bexleyheath (though the names match up)

  2. WG says:

    One tradesman that should be on the GP Trusted list is our very own Mr Fan. Great BBC programme dedicated to his incredible journey from Vietnam still available on the website:

  3. DH says:

    Has anyone found anywhere to get new wooden front doors? I’m hoping a local firm would be better than the eye-wateringly expensive London Door Company. I had wondered about Greenwich Woodworks, but that’s clearly not to be… Thanks

  4. yes alan,we are the same people that worked at gww for the past 18 years,john bradley the owner decided to call it a day as things were difficult to run the business,but salv and i knew that the product was brill.salv and i have started our own business, it is called S.A Services bespoke carpentry and joinery. we can build the same product as gww and it’s all at lower prices.we are operating out of a work shop at number 1 dacre place, Blackheath. We will still carry out work on exsiting gww furniture and add new additions. please veiw our website for reveiws and current work. thank you Tony.